Katie Ermilio- Baby Bardot

The designer:
As the granddaughter of Grace Kelley’s personal clothier, Katie has an innate sense for fashion. Her work is uniquely feminine and sharply tailored.

The collection:
A fresh, crisp and cleanly graphic collection of pretty dresses in retro sherbetty tones. Bi-gender tailored elements makes it modern and city ready.

The nail trend:
“Baby Bardot” medium length, pointed almond shaped manicures in French pink with subtle, double moons using Creamy Cameo layered with Ice Blue Shimmer. The first moon was created with Brilliant White, and the entire nail was covered with Washed Down White. A second, smaller moon was added using Brilliant White for a fantastically femme finish.

Get the look:
Brisa Gel gives sexy curves to any nail with a little length and shape enhancement with soft and whisper light coverage. Layer on super skinny layers of color!



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  1. Love the moon look! I have been wearing it and putting it on clients for the past 2 years. What colors were used on this model?

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