Prep Meetings with the Designers!

It’s two weeks until NYC Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week and I’m headed to NYC to meet with our favorite designers to create the nail styles for their upcoming runway shows.  After more than six months of Shellac mania, it’s exciting to switch gears to a new season of creative collaborations and inspirations!  The designers I’m meeting with are true visionaries who embrace nails as an accessory to complete their runway look.

OK…first I have to get the ugly stuff out, before we get to the good news.  It took me 20 hours to get to my hotel in NYC!  Sad, but true.  A storm, delays, detour through Rochester, flooded runway = no luggage for 3 days.  After terrible traffic, I finally made it to the city and sneaked a few restless ZZZzzz’s and then jetted off to Sephora, only to find NONE of my favorite shades.  Quickly smeared on some lashes and brows, jumped in a cab, and looked in the rear view mirror – YIKES!  I had lilac colored eyebrows!  Placed ego in my pocket and focused on the designer meetings ahead (crossing my fingers a trend for colorful brows are on the horizon).

Now that we have all my complaints out on the table…let’s talk business!

Thank goodness the first meeting up was Diego Binetti!  What an Argentine beauty he is….an artist, a craftsman, detail-oriented and precise.  The collection this year is mostly early-evening to midnight, elegant, beaded, pleated and draped.  Far too precious for a runway show, he’s chosen to make  it a ‘presentation’, with models on pedestals so the fine details can be savored.  Nails will be statement estate jewels.  Each model will have a cocktail ring nail specially made for each of 23 looks.  The vision is in place and now all the ‘jewelers’ are quietly at work…..I can feel the anticipation!

Dashed off to Ruffian to see design duo Claude and Brian, who elegantly welcomed us into their palace of perfection.  Their atelier where the most comprehensive collection of Vogues and Harper’s Bazaar from the 1940 and 50’s are chronicled in precise order for constant reference.  The combination of fashion historian merged with modern day vision makes for a perfect collection of beautifully tailored, crisp and wearable clothes.  The devil is in the detail for Ruffian, where buttons and nails incite the greatest passion in the final decisions for the runway show.  The mani and pedi tells volumes about the lady….nails must be precise!  Will the nails say, “I am the boss” or will they say, “I am the boss’s wife”….decisions, decisions!  Only time will tell.

Swallowed a strong dark roast, jumped in a cab and went to see the cool, calm and collected Behnaz Sarafpour. Behnaz could possibly be my favorite person of all time.  She is a smart business woman, she loves and empowers her highly talented team, and she enjoys a balance in her life that is always good for a memorable story that stays with you for days.  Not to mention – hello – such beautiful clothes that always manage to end up being a fashion piece in your closet that never goes out of style.  This season Behnaz took to gardening and cooking all summer long with fresh produce, wholesome recipes and an inspiration taken from nature.  We will be creating a nail that’s as new and as easy-breezy as Behnaz herself.  Can’t wait to see it on the runway (or as we were told: ‘in the garden’!!!).

A new designer in our lineup!  Sally LaPointe has been named the best new designer by WWD!  She’s reputed to be ‘inventive’ and ‘fresh,’ with a dark twist!  My kind of girl.  We arrived to the trendy Tribecca address and scaled the four flights of steep stairs to Sally’s workshop/apartment. After catching my breath (rather annoyed by my exhaustion since I run 3 miles EVERY day)…I met the lovely designer.  And I do mean LOVELY.  White platinum hair (instant infatuation), spiky perfectly-placed lashes, and long, lean almond nails in a mushroom-limestone shade of greige.  She’s so hip I can’t even put it into words.  The collection is truly beautiful but in an innovative way.  This is Sally’s first ever runway show and she’s made sure this will be a winner.  From the craftsmanship in the clothing, the new proportion that flatters, to the out-of-this-world styling (which of course includes some very killer nails) prepare to hold on to your platforms!!

Victor DeSouza is on his way to stardom.  His work has been featured on the cover of Italian Vogue and French Elle …young stars including iconic Lady Gaga clamor to wear his designs.  He’s one of the real visionaries in the fashion universe.  His designs are extraordinary…from the architecture of the sleeve and the boning of the bodice, to the fine lace that’s been embroidered with futuristic pieces of Plexiglas.  This year, he isn’t looking for super rail-thin framed models to strut his looks; he wants a ‘fit, curvy, strong woman.’  The ideal model will be tanned and lithe for a life under water in the depths of the sea.  Nails, of course, are a critical part of this journey….we‘ll fuss with them, as always, till the minute before the show begins.

The Blondes will show at Lincoln Center this season!  A huge achievement, given they are the underground, downtown darlings of the club set.  They can hide no more after their lavish beading and creative corseting was on global display in the movie, Sex in the City 2!  Bold, sexpot Samantha was accessorized in over-the-top, crystal incrusted, hand-painted, beaded, long, pointed almond nails.  As always, the nails we will prepare are hand-selected for each look by the designers themselves and will bring the bling at the blingiest show of the week!  Make sure you bring your sunglasses!

Jason Wu is the new American classic designer making clothes that woman-in-the-know want…including first lady Michele Obama.  He has built a reputation for doing innovative co-branding with uber-sleek phones, sunglasses and accessories.  Jason is known for his perfectly constructed party dresses adorned with texture in feathers, folds and layers…and he knows that this girl must always have the RIGHT shade of color on her nails.  Of course, it’s our job to make sure he gets what he wants.  Which is why [cue drumroll please] we’re so pumped to introduce the ‘Jason Wu by CND’ Colour & Effects Collection, which will be featured at his show this season!!!  Every single person at the show will receive a preview collection, which will be available to the public next spring.  My favorite color?  ‘Ms. Wu,’ of course!  A matte finish, warm limestone – Jason’s signature color!  WU HOOO!  Want the collection for yourself?  Mark your calendar for May 2011!

I’d be remiss not to mention that EVERY designer I met with FELL IN LOVE with our seasonal Colour & Effect for Spring Summer 2011:  ‘Perfectly Bare’ and ‘Perfectly Bare Shimmer.’ Perfectly Bare Colour is a gorgeous, peachy nude opaque…like liquid silk.  The Shimmer is just as scrumptious.  Check it out for yourself…trust me, you won’t regret it!

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