Fashion Week – highlights of the week!

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Fashion week is over…10 days flew by in a flash and as I fly back home to San Diego, I summarize the highlights of the week in my head:

1. Overall trends:

A softer shade of pale.

Soft colors and a new minimalism have returned to fashion and nails follow suit with a new palette of beautiful, light and mystical colors…..after how many seasons of a dark nail?  A lighter nail has a certain cleanness about it…naked, yet done and pretty.  An opaque pale nail looks modern.  Our new Spring/Summer Look: ‘Perfectly Bare Colour’ is flattering on absolutely everyone…the peach tint in a warm ivory base works like tinted foundation.  Lighten it up with ‘Perfectly Bare Shimmer’ (Diego Binetti) and it’s priceless porcelain.  Mute it out with Super Matte (Jason Wu toes) and it’s the back side of a satin ribbon…or even dilute it by half with Super Matte (Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Hervé Leger) and it’s weathered and worn but…effortlessly done.  Other options in pale will continue to feature off-beat, slightly murky, quirky pale shades in limestone, mushroom, greige and beige (note: grab CND’s ‘Jason Wu Collection’ out next Spring for the best of these!).

‘Effects’ step into the light!

Shimmer is BIG!  Very important designers insisted on shimmery nails…at the top of the list was Carolina Herrera, who chose 2 coats of ‘Scarlet Shimmer’ to compliment her Asian inspired collection; Phillip Lim chose ‘Asphalt’ with ‘Copper Shimmer’ for “elegance with street cred”; Monique Lhuillier chose ‘Putty’ and ‘Perfectly Bare Shimmer’ for a luminescent glow.  Choose your favorite flash and add it to every mani or pedi to be in stride with the hottest designers on the runway!


Peek-a-boo nail finishes.

Opaque coverage has been the favored look for many seasons, but peeking out from behind the wall of color are healthy, well-cared-for nails and cuticles.  Get ready to lighten things up and shed some layers next season.

Twilight Darks.

Dark colors become rich with tone and shimmery texture...they’re dark, but not black.

Gwen Stefani’s “Van Gogh blue” read on the runway as optimistic and clean, Jason Wu’s ‘Veronica’ was oxblood red, the famed Ruffian “Monogram Moon Manicure” was edgy and elegant and Phillip Lim’s “City Slick” deep bronze manicure reflected the finest details in the beaded tops and dresses.


2. It takes the RIGHT village to pull off 21 shows with style and perfection!

The CND Team did just that and is unsurpassed in their ability to exceed expectation!

Here’s why:

Team Director: Roxanne Valinoti – unrelenting high standards and a strong leader of the team

Team leads:

  1. Amanda Fontanarrosa:  brilliant and fun
  2. Kristina Estabrooks:  dedicated and driven
  3. Wanda Ruiz:  cool and confident
  4. Angi Wingle:  practical and patient

Team members:

  1.  Jennifer Harrison:  positive
  2. Dana D’Andraia:  sweet
  3. Candice Manacchio:  clever
  4. Kris Kiss:  chill
  5. Torie Savickis:  funky
  6. Shelena Robinson: artistic

Backstage Production Coordinator:  Beatriz Viramontes – quiet strength

Website/Blog designer extraordinare:  Trina Franklin – genius!

Red PR:  this extraordinary team was flawless in their management of the week!

Julia – PR master

Charity – Organized juggler

Rachel – ‘The Daily Nail’ wizard

Happy Anniversary to RED PR for 10 years of CND partnership!!!

Thanks one and all for your unbelievable brilliance!

More Photos!

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