Phillip Lim – ‘City Slick’!

3.1 phillip lim main image

Phillip Lim

The quote in the program says, ‘she walks crooked and paints her eyelids blue…dandie-lion, I wanna go there too.’  Charlotte Gainsbourg

Colors and fabrics were light as a dandie-lion and wispy as air but slick and street-wise too.  The collection was filled with asymmetrical tonal layers in oatmeal, camel, grey and blush and soft shapes mixed with strength representing the new modern uniform.  Hair was up and braided but a little undone…makeup was pale and matte with glimmers of sheen at the cheek, eye and lids.  Nails?  Urban cool… ‘elegant with street cred’ according to Phillip, who always has a strong perspective about the role of nails!!   A coat of ‘Asphalt’ followed by a coat of ‘Copper Shimmer’ looked like city shadows at night..with reflections of street life.  Philip asked Team CND lead… ‘what shall we call this fabulous mani?’

… ‘City Slick’..what else??

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