Monique Lhuillier – romantic, feminine and flawless!

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Monique has been a friend and a partner for many years.  We all love her for the elegant dresses, tailored silhouettes and understanding of beauty she embodies.  She is, after all, a beautiful woman, so she understands the role of beauty in the total look.  This collection was inspired by the great (late) fashion photographer, Irving Penn, who shot pictures of the most gorgeous women in world for almost 6 decades! 

The look featured elongated, feline eyes…gilded, lined and illuminated with white and blue metallic shadow and nails in a medium length, rounded-oval shape, in 1 coat of ‘Perfectly Bare Colour,’ 2 coats of ‘Putty,and 1 final coat of ‘Super Shiney’… where toes matched perfectly. The look was romantic, feminine and flawless!

Photos below!

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  1. Jan once again CND have out did themselves. The images are fabulous. Great job to the Red PR Team.

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