Marc Jacobs – how cool was that?!

marc jacobs main image

The day before the show, our friend and collaborator, Elisa Ferri, long time nail professional for Marc attended the Beauty Test until 1:30 am to determine the final look for the most important show of the week.  Marc Jacobs personally fusses every detail, himself…until it is perfect.  Elisa is there to guide him to the right look and CND shade for the show.  Before I unveil the story, let me just say, we love Elisa!  She is dedicated, hard-working, and loves CND and our fabulous team, lead by Roxanne Valinoti!!!

Now…drum roll please…the look:  frizzed-out gimongous hair, pale faces, dark eyes, red lips and bleached-out brows…nails as GONE as the lips…bleached-out with our new spring shade ‘Perfectly Bare Colour’ mixed with ‘Super Matte’, to produce a done…but rather un-done, erased look…that oddly matched the brows!  TOES then stole the show with dark, rich, commando red in high shine ‘Bloodline’ for a bold, sexy look.  The fashion?  70’s flash-back to the effortless ease of muse Bianca Jagger.

Can’t get cooler than that!

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