Sally LaPointe – dreamy and dramatically beautiful…

sally lapoint main image rev

The smoke flowed out from under a huge metallic, medieval door as the guards opened the gateway for the parade of futuristic, glamazon-tall, alien-sleek models in liquid, translucent coats, flowing but structured pants and armor-like tops.  The only thing missing was flying monkeys to complete the fantasy.  The show was like a dream (what a runway show SHOULD be)!  The clothes in the end were wearable, layered and textural. 

The styling was other-worldly with ski boot-like wedge platforms adorned with handmade silk flowers; hair was slicked back tight and  sewn back with red thread and NAILS were an holographic, luminescent lilac/pink-on-ivory pointed almondso dreamy and dramatically beautiful: one coat of ‘Perfectly Bare Colour,’ two coats of ‘Studio White,’ and one coat of ‘Ice Blue Shimmer’. Sally is a rock star with a fresh perspective – “Everyone interesting has a dash of madness!”

Check out the amazing photos below….

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