Diego Binetti – PURE Magic!

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There’s something really regal about trust when it comes to art…when a designer trusts a partner and empowers creativity, there’s a magic that happens.  Today was PURE magic.  When I met with Diego a few weeks ago, he had many of his gorgeous pieces made and ready.  He’s a planner, a thinker, a doer.  He’s decisive and clear.  Diego took the time to show me each of 23 looks and brought his vision to life with words and passion.  I GOT IT.  I heard him clearly.  When Diego said to me:… “go crazy mama, you know what to do!”  I DID know what to do…call the real magicians…TEAM CND!

Estate jewelry cocktail nails that are priceless.  Embellishments were positioned on sleek almond nails in ‘Perfectly Bare’, ‘Gold Chrome’ and ‘White Wash’.  The show was a presentation, where models were on pedestals…so everyone could savor the artistic elements.  To create the nails, there was a call for all-hands-on-deck…Global Education Ambassadors from Puerto Rico, Denver, UK, Minnesota, Oregon and more…10 talented artisan-jewelers  went to work to make handmade, perfectly placed pearls, gold shingles, gem stone clusters and earth stone art pieces….they were all flown in, lined up and presented to Diego the day of the show.  He personally chose each look and the result was magical, rich, and truly breath-taking.  The clients, buyer and press were speechless.  The looks belong in a museum.

Prepare yourself….look at the beautiful pictures, they speak for themselves!

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  1. OMG! I do not think I will ever be tired of being a manicurist. The last year has unleashed a world wind of styles and knocked down the walls on crazy. Absolutely love this stuff and emplimenting as much as possible in my salon. Clients are more accepting and open to this new era of nails. Keep it coming CND, your the best and for that we ThankYou!

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