Jason Wu – “Miss Wu”!

jason main image

Colors so good, you need them all year round, despite the season or trend.  Jason’s vision for our first ever designer collaboration Color collection was to create a modern palette of wearable ‘neutrals’. Colors you wear and love…starting with his signature color, ‘Miss Wu’!  Masculine and feminine in a single swipe of the polish brush, Miss Wu is a lime-stone grey that’s heathered with feminine warmth and dries to a satin finish for a modern edge.  And if that wasn’t enough, ‘Sofia’ is a rich olive-gray-cocoa…cool and confident.

Veronica,’ which was used at the runway show on fingernails in a soft femme shape, is a rich, full coverage drop-dead sexy oxblood red.  ‘Brigitte’ is a dirty rose with flirtatious lilac undertones and ‘Anna’ is a clear base with liquid fiber slivers of silk to texturize (or in homage to Jason’s iconic skirts:  ‘featherize’) any color.  Everyone who attended the show received a preview collection.

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