Victor de Souza – Aquatic Dreams…

victor main image

Victor de Souza brought to life an aquatic dream of color, effect and exotic sea life found near a coral reef.   In the deepest parts of the water, colors darken into shades of watery greys and stony browns with shots of hot pink, bright blue, red appearing…flashes of magical colors.  As always with Victor, silhouettes were beautifully hand-crafted into dramatic, sculpted curves at shoulders and the waist.

The ultimate refinements of this well edited and sophisticated collection were the mysterious grey nails, with an algae-like undertone.   A custom-blend precisely formulated using drops of Desert Suede, Asphalt, and Brilliant White created a color and texture of bluish-green slate perfected with a veil of watery shine.

The beauty story was accented with a single white straight line under the eyes and hair was slickly pulled back with slim twisted ‘branches’ organically shaped at the back — like pieces of a underwater coral.

ART at its finest!

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