Victoria Beckham 2012 Fall Presentation – Demure Manicures

Every detail tended to, with baby in tow and gorgeous husband not far behind.  Victoria Beckham is coming into her own as a serious fashion designer.  It’s reported that many of her famous friends will turn to her for their Oscars gowns and staying.  What we LOVE about VB is her LOVE of nails… (excuse me for being specific) CND nails!  She has worn CND enhancements and receives the very best from Team CND professionals wherever she goes.  So, for her debut collection at the NYC Library, we were there in force.

After years of dark, bad ass nails, VB opts for the subtler side of the palette…a perfected and concealed nail plate (hello flawless!) ‘Putty’ base (honestly, I’ve never seen such a fav among the fashion crowd) …layered with new fashion darling ‘Marshmallow Rose’.    Hummm….clean, demure, classic, dewy nail having a come-back??  Stay tuned.

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