Rachel Antonoff Fall 2012 Presentation – Starry Night Nails


At Rachel Antonoff, three playful nails were created for the girl who just wants to have some fun! The designer – a self-professed nail fanatic known for sporting different colors on every nail – wanted to capture the spirit of a young girl ready to grow up and enter the world!

The show was set on a lake beneath a full moon, perfect for the first of three nail styles: the “Starry Night” nail evoked the nighttime sky on a lake with two coats of CND Colour in Midnight Sapphire with a sponged overlay of Eclectic Purple and Studio White, followed by a coat of CND Effects in Sapphire Sparkle. “Flirty Flower” was created with two coats of bold red CND Colour in Flashpoint with hand detailed ferns using CND Colours Brilliant White and Anchor Blue. And “True Red” was created with two coats of CND Colour in Flashpoint. It was an extravaganza of cool girl nails.

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