NAHM Fall 2012 Presentation – Sugared Neutral Nails



Our first show of the day features the young design duo called NAHM.  He (Nary Manivong), star of fashion documentary ‘Dressed’, she (Ally Hilfiger) daughter of Tommy and star in her own right for reality show ‘Rich Girls’ present a Vintage-centic collection of cool and modern dresses and urban wear in shades of  punchy plum and eclectic green in delicately patterned fabrics.

Nails start richly nude in opaque CND Colour in Desert Suede, and then are lightened and sugared with wisp thin layers of Marshmallow Rose, topped with CND Super Matte Top Coat.  Flawlessly cared for nails pair perfectly with minty green wing tipped eyes and glamorous ’20s ‘dos.

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