M. Patmos Fall 2012 Presentation – Satin Suede Metallic Manicures

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There’s a ‘heat wave’ happening for the first day of Fashion Week in NYC!  The New Yorkers are all peeling off layers…as the Californian’s (me included) are piling them on!  It’s 40 degrees and windy.  I’m freezing my butt off…however,  it’s perfect timing for our first show!  M. Patmos, (by designer Marcia Patmos) is known for her easy, modern and understated knitwear, beautifully crafted with sustainable materials and made by hand.  This season her collection has broadened to include wearable sportswear ensembles with interesting convertible zip-off pieces, leather details and spikes of bright in orange & red. 

Satin suede metallic manicures served as a cozy basic in the overall look and as easy to wear as the smoky fur scarves and cashmere sweaters featured in the collection.  Nail colors included CND Colour in Silver Chrome topped with either two coats of semi-sheer CND Colour in Putty or creamy nude CND Colour in Desert Suede.

3 Responses to “M. Patmos Fall 2012 Presentation – Satin Suede Metallic Manicures”

  1. Awesome. great job as always.

  2. vickie foster says:

    CND gets better and better! Thank you for all the updates. Beautiful…

  3. Ellie Marcel says:

    They all look great !! Nice New Look…

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