Prep Meetings with the Designers: 1-24-11

Outside my hotel window, it looks like a gorgeous sunny California day. Okay, confession time: I blurred my eyes and ignored the ice on the streets (due to the below zero wind chill greeting the day). I’m remiss at constantly talking about this cold situation, but it’s an alarming thing to deal with!

The day begins with the Prince of Fashion – his majesty, Jason WU! He’s seriously beautiful. He has gorgeous skin. He’s always in a suit. Tight, supple cuticles (how on earth is this possible in this cold weather?). Sorry to obsess, but he has perfect eponychiums!!! Jason also possesses a magical smile that he flashes with warmth. Best thing of all? He LOVES nails and has an intuitive sense for nail color, shape and texture. He gets it x 10! The meeting is efficient, per usual. The vision is (let me think of the right words) insane, exciting, and inspiring! Seriously, beyond great! Sorry to torment you, but buckle up – it’s going to be good. I’m under strict orders not to tell!

Did I mention that the fabulous nail designer extraordinaire is here with me in the “tundra?” The talented Kristina Estabrooks is scoffing at the NYC cold. She lives in Nimrod (not kidding – this is a real place), where it’s 44 BELOW zero. Needless to say, Kristina feels no sympathy for my beach-tanned, über-dry, cold skin!

Diego Binetti

We go on to see the real “Craftsman of Couture,” Diego Binetti! Diego staged the most memorable show at fashion week last season (with the extravagant cocktail-ring nail). He not only puts on the most spiritual, cerebral, artistic and beautifully styled show at Lincoln Center, but is also one of the loveliest human beings in fashion. Diego is the real deal…talented beyond imagination. He sees the total picture. There is a full story of the woman he dreams about every waking moment, and he lives to exceed HER dreams! Diego Binetti inspires US. He believes in CND and unleashes us to exceed HIS expectations! We spend our time together listening to his story. Side note: I could listen to Diego for days. He makes me happy. He adores what he does. And he does it exceedingly well! You know I am, once again, under oath not to tell. Suffice to say, you will LOVE!!!!!!

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