Prep Meetings with the Designers: 1-23-11

In San Diego, it is 76 degrees at the beach…and it has been that way for two weeks. So, when I realized it was time to gear-up for February Fashion Week 2011, I traded in my beach shoes for Twittens (smart-phone friendly gloves) and my giant, cozy (fake) fur, and headed to NYC!

Side note: it is only 5 degrees Fahrenheit upon landing…a shock to the system, no matter where you live!

I’m in NYC to meet with some of the most inspired designers, who set the course for fashion. We have fashion partners who KNOW! They know their craft. They know quality. They know the future. They are leaders in their field…and know we KNOW too! There is an unspoken trust. A respected celebration of perfection. THIS is what nails are all about! It’s who CND IS!

Kevork Team - Marco, Fanny, Kevork, Jan

Kris working away

Ruffian - Claude, Jan, Brian

The goal of the meetings is to find the right nail look – the perfect accessory, the right color, opacity, length, shape and design – that balances the silhouette, fabric and style of the clothes.
Our goal? To make nails the ultimate accessory for women around the world.

Our joy? When designers unleash their vision to the hands of our creativity!

Our ultimate reward? To see Nail Professionals become the most valued professional in the salon for service, style and excitement!

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  1. Natalie Snyder says:

    Only CND KNOWS how to execute a vision unlike any other nail company in the world!!!

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