Jen Kao – Outrageous and Magically Delicious

jen kao main image

Jen Kao, who is originally from LA, envisioned a planet where reinvention is at play.  A haunting and healing spiritual world where empowerment creates positive change.  Acid rainbows streak through every beautifully tailored piece of galactical-warrior-woman-uniforms.  Flashes of psychedelic light embolden the attitude through radiating stones and colorful enamel in both the handcrafted jewelry and hand-made nails.  Excruciating hours of molten art technique created nails with iridescent light as alluring as the wings of a June bug! The technique, developed by Kristina Estabrooks, started with a coat of Gold Chrome, followed by an layer of Midnight Sap hire (out September 1st) and immediate drops of Ice Blue Shimmer, Gold Pearl and more Midnight Sapphire…and then glazed with 24K Gold Shimmer (also out Sept. 1st) and a chrome gold tip.  Whew…all sealed with Air Dry Top Coat and blessed by a fairy!   The perfect accent for one of the most outrageous and magically delicious shows of the week!

It’s a beautiful…fulfilling day.  Need to process it all with a nice run!!!

I’ll leave you with these fantastic videos and photos!

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