2 Days Left – New York Fashion Week

…..2 more days left of New York Fashion Week! The time goes fast…in slow motion. The creation of art moves you emotionally. The art form of nails taken to a new height is history making.

….ran into Maggie Mulhern of Modern Salon Magazine this morning, outside of the Jen Kao show.  I believe Maggie captured exactly how one feels after days of running from show to show (in 19 degree weather) and all the while…trying to remain fashionable and chic! Maggie thought she awoke to a lash turned upside-down…she put her coat on inside out and resorted to black Sketchers today…instead of her Manolo’s!  This, from a former super model!  Did you know that?  Yes, it’s true the gorgeous Maggie Mulhern was a model a few years back and knows much about beauty and style!!

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