More On The Diego Binetti show

….I need to begin today by talking more about the Diego Binetti show.  I hope by now, you’ve seen the nails….tip, digit and hand art….ALL hand-made by CND Education Ambassadors!  I’m still amazed by the nails….which, by the way were so seductive.  I ran into uber-nail-queen Michele Mismas of ‘All Lacquered Up’ (the MOST brilliant blog-writing and coverage of all thing nails –fabulous!!) who said the nails and hands in general were like ‘Nail Porn’!  Now…don’t go there people! The cuticle area was black and then the sleek, skinny, lean, tapered taloned architectural ‘squares’ were dripping in liquid oxblood lacquer!  Breath-taking, really.  And then there was the art…all hand-made…individually crafted…just for the beautiful Diego Binetti…old world spirit…new world mentality.  J’adore!

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  1. Gina Cella says:

    HA HA HA! Nail porn. I love it! Gotta love Michele and her blog.

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