Diego Binetti – Vision Like No Other

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Diego Binetti has a vision like no other. He is a couture designer and a precision stylist – he always sees the whole picture – clothes, make-up, hair, jewelry and nails – it’s in his DNA. What’s extraordinary about Diego is he surrounds himself with artists whom he empowers to see his vision, and then raises the bar…all the way to the moon! We have been blessed by his confidence and live to exceed his expectations! The challenge came in the form of words and pictures: 20′s, art deco, cubism, modern art…the nails must be dangerous and seductive, priceless and artful. Behold the power of this call…and the abilities of the CND Artisans of ultimate nail style – CND Education Ambassadors from all across the country submitted statement nails for the show that evoked both emotion and rave reaction! Some called them “Nailgasms,” others, simply “ART.”

Models’ natural nails were polished jet black and then rich, blood red (Raisin in the Sun and Bloodline with layers of Super Shiney) nail enhancements in lean, long tapered squares were placed in a slim line to elongate the look of the hands. Handmade adornments (some so deconstructed they could have been used as weapons!) were mounted on knuckle rings and in some cases bound to the full length of the fingers to tie both the nails and hand embellishments into a single statement. The presentation reminded me of famed early brilliant days in the House of Chanel!

Check out these videos and gorgeous photos below!

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  1. Kim says:

    Love the accent of rich black along the cuticle line of the nails. Subtle, but adds really interesting dimension. And the hand jewelry is amazing!

  2. Gina Cella says:

    Everything looks so amazing. Great job Team Binetti!

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