Ruffian – Tuxedo Park

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The Ruffian show paid homage to the tuxedo, which was actually considered a more relaxed uniform in the 1800′s. Ruffian took elements of this “semi-formal” look for a redux-extraordinaire! The mix of masculine and feminine, aristocrat and rebel, and punk and princess became the building blocks of their collection, called “Tuxedo Park.” This collection allowed designers Claude and Brian to go back to their roots as innovative luxury designers. Their essential accessories were the nails…of course! How does Team CND live up to Ruffian’s expectations? With the most feminine tuxedo manicure…of course. Here are the stats: the base of the nails were done in metallic iris (created with 1 coat Iced Blue Shimmer, 2 coats Lavender Pearl and one coat of Air Dry), with a hand painted black bow tie at the tip and a black moon at the base (using Blackjack and finished with Super Shiney) and then 3 tiny, perfectly placed buttons finished the design down the vertical center of each nail. That means…for 38 full sets of 20 nails with 8 layers of polish, the team painted on 6,080 layers of polish (48,640 brush strokes), 760 moons and bow ties, and 2,280 buttons!! The resulting look? Simply spectacular!!!!

Check out these great videos and photos below!

2 Responses to “Ruffian – Tuxedo Park”

  1. Kristina Estabrooks says:

    Bow-ties, Moons and Buttons! Bow-ties, Moons and Buttons! Bow-ties, Moons and Buttons! Bow-ties, Moons and Buttons! I was dreaming about them after completing all of them! My goodness HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Jolene Brodeur says:

    omg! love the tux! You CND gals ROCK!

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