Irina Shabayeva – Nails with an Attitude!

Irina Shabayeva made it to the runway while millions were watching, as the winner in last season’s Project Runway. She is a beautiful, talented and accomplished craftswoman of intricate laser cut-outs used to create dramatic texture on shoulders, flirty volume on skirts and drama in every element of the collection. Colors were strong and graphic in bold shades of electric blue, fire red, icy white and inky black. Accessories included Spanish-influenced Flamenco hats and platform boots, along with medium length, almond shaped nails in cool white with ice-spiked shards and jet black nails with patent-leathered fringe for texture! Nothing says confidence better than NAILS WITH AN ATTITUDE! Bravo! (I’d throw red roses right now…if I weren’t saving them for my Valentine!)

Photos below!

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  1. Jolene Brodeur says:

    LOVE IT! CND keep rockin the runway!

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