Fall 2011 Fashion Week Day 1 – Jenni Kayne

jenni kayne main image

It’s Day 1 of Fall 2011 Fashion Week in NYC and the team is fresh, excited and eager to get started…with the best nails we’ve ever done! Really. It’s hard to imagine our work getting any better after last season’s cocktail nail for Binetti, monogrammed moon manicure for Ruffian and effervescent effects for Carolina, but this season the bar is raised, as we enter our 15th year of fashion leadership. At CND, it’s not just about color…it’s also about effect, shape, texture, length and dimension – all of which helps to push the standard of nail style and design. So, let’s get started with what we’re seeing and what the world can expect from the most fabulous and expressive accessory of all…NAILS!
(PS: weather alert – did I mention it’s a mere 19 degrees, windy and ridiculous outside? How on earth does one look chic with this forecast???)

Jenni Kayne dresses Los Angeleno’s cool girls. Society and Hollywood alike watch her perspective to know what’s new and now. This season’s all about woodsy texture with bolts of strong color for an eccentric trip back to the American countryside. Enlightenment comes via getting dressed for a night in front of the fire, with friends that can hang and set to a Nirvana marathon! The collection was a harmony of opposites; a contrast between formal and causal. Iron flat hair, magenta lip and matte face…fabrics of cotton and sequins, sweaters and silk, and velvet slippers paired with bare legs. Nails? Reflected the ultimate “New age bohemian,” with a pinked-up peanut butter manicure created with Desert Suede (the perfect bare concealer for all skintones), a coat of Copper Shimmer for that hard rock edge; a coat of feminine and seductive Rose Water…and finally the nonchalant Super Matte Top Coat for texture sans shine. The show was…well, too cool for words!

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