Victor dE SOUZA – extra-terrestrial look!

victor desouza main image

Lastly, we rushed off to Victor dE SOUZA – Victor is known for doing very out-there makeup AND nails. This season, we created larger than life nails that started at the first digit of the finger and were washed with Copper Shimmer for a space-age alien look. Makeup was albino white (no eyebrows!) and models wore contacts which made eyes look big and BLACK. Hair was a tight chignon on the top of the head that drew more attention to models’ extra-terrestrial look. Paired with Victor’s fantastic, Audrey-Hepburn-inspired cuts and delicately draped dresses, the runway embraced strange beauty. The show was even Jessica Biel-approved – she watched and even mouthed “wow” at one particularly fabulous piece. Brava to Victor, our creative master!

Now it’s back to sunny, San Diego – what a fun week it has been! Only seven more months until next season…

Some out-there photos to leave you with!

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  1. Latacha Barnett says:

    Wondering why Creative Nail Design has been spoken about more. As a licensed professional for over 15 years I know this products will be loved by more consumers if it was advertised a bit more

  2. Alek's says:

    Great Make-Up, great Nails, I love CND (I work with Ladybird House- Italy). I have one question: WHERE CAN I FIND THOSE INCREDIBLE BIG BLACK CONTACT LENS??? Thanks so much for sharing your great works!


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