Douglas Hannant – ‘Avatar’ hair!

Last day of shows for us at Fashion Week! The week flew by at the speed of light…

At Douglas Hannant, clothes were futuristic, chic and urban. The hair was pinned up in messy curls on the top of the head, with bright neon streaked strands cascading down the nape of the neck. Once again, hair was inspired by Avatar (Note to self: see this movie!!), and Hannant wanted models to look tribal and wild. Make up was all about dramatic eyes – bright green shadow across the entire lid under the brow, and beyond for a bold look to compliment intense prints and patterns on the runway. Success! Nails were a tortoise shell pattern achieved by dabbing (not painting) Dark Ruby and Copper Shimmer on for a textured, multi-tonal effect. Toes were also decked out in Dark Ruby, the “it” shade of the season. Simply gorgeous on the runway!

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