ThreeASFOUR – extreme artistry

three asfour main image

ThreeASFOUR was like a trip to the MoMa (Modern Museum of Art, for all of you non-New Yorkers)! From the crimped, tied and molded hair held in place with a full face nude fishnet, and exotic, dark lined eyes with exotic tails wisping up and outward. The clothes were all hand-made and sewn to the models’ bodies backstage…and the careful thought and extreme artistry was a feast for the senses. The nails embodied the Turkish ‘evil eye’ in shades of copper, emerald and blue sapphire in the background with a black ‘pupil’ matted down for a rubber-like finish. The nails complemented the curves of the clothes and the sheen in the magical fabrics. The show was performance art as only ThreeASFOUR can do!!! Bravo!

Some great nail close-ups!

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  1. Helen says:

    Thank You.Like to read Your blog,but will be gladly to see some pictures=)

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