Herve Leger – perfectly elegant

herve leger main image

Herve Leger, the designer known for the bandage dress made famous by Elizabeth Hurley and Hollywood bodies perfected by hours of pilates, knows the women they dress. Toned, healthy, thin and born in heels…towering higher and higher with every season! This woman wakes up perfect…minimal make-up required, a smear of bright red lips and a swab of golden SolarOil over PERFECTLY clean and freshly satin-washed nails with Super Matte Top Coat …for fingers as long as legs in the highest stilettos. You get the picture, but punctuate it with toes in Desert Suede and high shine Air Dry Top Coat and you have a picture-perfect statuesque and elongated avatar!

Oy vey, time to eat – my stomach is growling!!!! Carbs anyone???

Happy Valentine’s day to one and all!

Here are some beautiful shots!

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