Diego Binetti – nails for royalty!

diego binetti main image

How much do we love Diego Binetti??? He’s a lovely, thoughtful artist, who practices his art with care and honor. Each beautifully handcrafted piece was made for royalty and fussed to the detail. The models effortlessly floated down the runway. Each elegant piece was finely beaded and embroidered, each accessory hand-crafted and priceless. The nails were breathtaking: rich ebony almonds encrusted with chunks of rubies, emeralds and amethysts – and they were long enough to reveal a surprise flash of ruby or emerald on the underside. The lights beamed like lasers against the facets of the priceless stones and engraved in memory another successful showing from our lovely and treasured friend, Diego Binetti.

Check out these stunning photos!

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