Karen Walker meets CND contest winner Anna Nelson

karen walker main image

Today was a very exciting day…I got to meet Anna Nelson, the winner of our Colour & Effects Nail Design competition She met me backstage at the Karen Walker show (who, by the way, is MY FAVORITE person and designer of all time!!). Karen is from New Zealand – Auckland, to be exact, and she has perfected funky, high style, cool-chic tailored clothes. Even her accessories are to die for. Hello – can you say, the BEST sunglasses on the planet?! Not to mention the best socks, tights, bags and style. OK…so let’s talk nails…

we used Rose Water to create liquid shine nails to compliment the clean, healthy face and Karen Walker’s overall attitude on life. Backstage, I asked her how she looks soo amazing!? Her answer was, “Hard work and clean living.” I love her.

Check out the pictures of the adorable Anna Nelson!!! First of all, she’s beautiful, tall, and graceful. She learned English in her native Russia by studying cookbooks!!! None of her family speaks English…she is the language pioneer! Anna is an expert at hair color and painting, and she has truly mastered creating fashionable nail designs that are so refined and new looking! Lavish designs fit for royalty. I’m sooo inspired by her.
At Karen Walker, we sat in the front row and had sooo much fun drinking in the artistic ideas together!!

Check out these great shots!

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