Ruffian- Got Kandinsky??

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Woke up feeling great! Surprisingly enough, I actually got some solid Zzzss during Fashion Week and was ready for a big day!

First up, one of my favorite designers – Ruffian!
Claude and Brian are fashion historians and have one of the most comprehensive collections of fashion books and magazines that date back to Vogues and Harper’s Bazaars from the as early as the 1950s!

Their inspiration for the season was the artist, Kandinsky, with a “Big Bang” galaxy of cosmic moons, stars, and planets against a backdrop of deep, midnight blue.

They had the most amazing boots custom made by Christian Louboutin in blue crepe with shiny gold buttons, and jackets with cut-outs reflecting the silhouette of a crescent moon on shoulders, sleeves and pockets.

For nails, we created medium length, tailored shapes in matte midnight blue with a crescent gold chrome moon nestled into the cuticle area, extending gracefully up the sides. The vision for this nail came from the sky – which appeared a golden crescent moon only the day after our meeting. I think it was a divine message!!

The show was breathtaking!!! Kristina Estabrooks, who worked tirelessly on these nails said, “They were the best nails I’ve ever done!” A huge statement from our talented artist!

A few shots from today’s inspiring show!

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