Rag & Bone – always a Vogue favorite!

rag and bone

I made a mad dash back to the hotel for a quick run and a smooth transition into flats…and then zoomed over to Soho for the Rag & Bone show.

Country fox hunts and treks through the woods demand cashmere legwarmers, wool check waistcoats, Penrose kilts, cotton storm pants…chunky, layered and reminiscent of times past reworked in modern street style.Make-up was quite clean; with a smudged mascara eye, wind-blown ratted hair and nails the color of your grandpa’s old gray cardigan. Asphalt softened with Super Matte gave nails a fuzzy, worn texture and look. Rag & Bone is a Vogue favorite and Anna Wintour got a sneak preview of the collection before the show even started. The house was packed and show was gorgeous.

The last show was a young, bright (and adorable) designer, Alexander Berardi…(who looks like a model himself)! This was his second collection and he was super excited to take it up a notch with tuxedo-inspired dresses, reworked white men’s shirts for girls, rosette suspenders (Note to self: need a pair!) and fabulous nails for every outfit! From red glass glitter almonds, to pearlized tailored squares and ashen-grey textural points, Alexander loved the nails and really understood the purpose of a runway show! Details and a completely rounded perspective. From every seat, you could see the statement nails, which made the show young, fun and street-wise. The club kids and social set in the audience approved!

Finally, I’m off to dinner with one of my all time favorite people – Samantha Sweet is in town from Leeds, England, home base of SweetSquared (our UK distributor), and I can’t wait to see her!

Whew – Day 2 down. It was a good one.

Time to dine!


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