L.A.M.B – Gwen Rocks It!

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We headed downtown to Milk Studios for Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. show! Spirits were brighter as we entered backstage and saw the magnificent blonde, standing tall (very tall) in nine inch platforms, a sculpted leather jacket and little leather bloomer shorts. She is ridiculously cute and extremely nice. She was beyond grateful for her beauty team…but she, after all, represents modern style for women today. Timeless in her choices for the look: 30′s-inspired glamour with a street edge – not a surprise from our favorite urban chic designer. Models sported a dark, sultry eye, deep blood red matte lips and liquid-shine Dark Ruby nails in a bold and confident tailored shape. To describe the show as “cool” would be an understatement! Overall, it was very urban-warrior meets rockstar – a very satisfying show from our favorite platinum rebel. After the show, we finally united the entire nail team, some of whom had faced some serious snow delays on their way in. Hurrah! There are nails to do and people to see…we’re back in business.

I’m anticipating some serious nail mania at the CND Studio. We’ll be hearing busy brushes swiping and polish flowing well into the wee hours of the morning.

Whew…so relieved that the nail team is whole and TIPS will be perfect.

Can’t wait for my run tonight and some healing ZZZzzz’s!

More tomorrow…


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  1. Natalie Snyder says:

    Gwen has the mind and body of an Avatar, and the ability to live as an earthling in the coolest fashion.

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