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185 Responses to “Become a CND Education Ambassador”

  1. so
    i just invested in shellac Im the frist one in town to do it and
    i have been practicing and have found only one out of 4 did not chip what am
    i doing wrong ive wacthed all the videos cant find 99% alcohol my rep is sending me 99 asp or something is that the same cuz
    i been using 91% is that why Im getting chips peeling or dose it just not work on people who are hard on there nails? my ad comes out today so I just want to be doing it right. Do u use bond aid instead of acatone before u start will that help? please help

    • CND says:


      Thank you for your comments. We would love to do some trouble shooting with you. To help better determine the cause we would like to ask you some questions.

      What lamp are you using?
      Are you using ScrubFresh to prepare the nail?
      Are you capping the edge of the natural nail with each layer?

      99% IPA (IPA stands for Isopropyl Alcohol) yes this is what you should be using.

      There is no need to use anything but the standard products listed in the Shellac Step by Step. Here is the link.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. HOLLY says:

    Just ordered my shellac today and was wanting to know if this can be used on top of acrylics. I have mostly acrylic clients that hate waiting for polish to dry so I wanted to see if this could be a added service and would you still apply the same way? I hate the idea of losing acrylic clients and them going back to natural nails.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Is the launch date( march 2011) for the new shellac colors the date they will be available for immediate purchase? Or is that date for placing orders? Can I pre order them through my distributer?

    • CND says:


      The launch for the New Shellac Colors is in March 2011. They will be available for purchase in March. Check with your distributor for their policies on pre-ordering.

      Thank you

  4. Diane says:

    I can not beleive the difference there is from one salon to the next with Shellac applications. I had the worst experience today. It took the tech 45 minutes to remove the Shellac and I know for ceratin it was not all removed. I have no idea what she was using, but it was not pure acetone. She soaked my nails and tried the cotton ball soaked in acetone with foil wraps. My regular salon takes 15 minutes to remove the Shallac.

  5. Tammy says:

    I had a question.. I am getting a lot of rippling effect with the Darker color.. what can I do to stop this from happening? Thank you

    • CND says:


      Use thin coats. The first coat of Fedora should look semi-transparent when applied. Thick applications cause rippling.

      Thank you

  6. Kristina Estabrooks says:


    Try searching the internet for 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Also some distributors are stocking this as well.


  7. pam says:

    hi I am having trouble with ice cappuccino. it leaves streaks. and why does it leave little bubbles in it?

    • CND says:


      Are you shaking the bottle for 30 seconds prior to application? Try using a slightly lighter touch. Sometimes if the base coat is applied too thick this can cause the first layer to apply streaky. Try not to over polish (stroking over and over) as this can cause bubbles to appear.

      Thank you

  8. pam says:

    99% of my clients are wearing shellace now. it is a great produce that u produce. thank u

  9. Susan says:

    Hi I have had a few clients that the shellac pulls away from the sides of the nail after curing. I am useing the Shellac Lamp.
    Don’t know why

  10. Cat says:

    Is it necessary to use Scrub Fresh or will alcohol do the same thing since alcohol is the base ingredient in Scrub fresh? Also, will 91% alcohol cure the top coat or is there something special about the 99% isopropyl alcohol?

  11. Brenda Del says:

    need an Embassador for Puerto Rico?

  12. Alicia says:

    I am having so much trouble finding in-salon Education for my nail staff. We have had Shellac for about 2 months and want to further refine our skills. I have tried many avenues with no responce. Please HELP.

  13. Mary says:

    Is this safe/acceptable for healthcare workers?

  14. Cat, there is more to ScrubFresh than just the alcohol. The reasoning for the 99% isopropyl alcohol to remove the tacky layer is that it completely removes the residue which is actually uncured gel. It will also leave behind the highest shine.

    Brenda, are you in need of an Ambassador or looking to become one? Either way visit log in and click education then Education Ambassadors on the left. You can find one in your area or apply to be one!

    Alicia, I would be happy to try to help, where are you located?

    Mary, Shellac is a UV cured polish, if you are allowed to wear polish, then it should be ok. Check with your specific employer.

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  15. Mary Anne Collura says:

    I found that when i don’t put the fingers to close to the fan . Is not as bad with the rippling effect.And I’ve been painting the thumbs first.Once that stuff sets your done. So now I don’t have to worry about the polish falling to the side. And it does it with thin coats to.

  16. Tanya Golder says:

    When I remove the inhibition layer with the ipa99 some color comes off on the cotton.. Im thinking its the color that is wrapped on the freeedge. is this normal? Is there a way to cure the freeedge … Im thinking tipping the nails upward a bit under the lamp? any input would be great thanks!!

  17. mary benahm says:

    opened a new bottle of top coat really thick with a uv look like it is maybe old I really have no idea it also does not come out smooth clumpy any ideas does heat or cold effect it?

  18. Tanya,
    Most of the time when color comes off on the pad after the alcohol, it is from Shellac being on the skin, or the top coat not sealing all edges. Here is a quick vid with top coat tips and tricks that may help:

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  19. Mary-
    Did you shake it really, really well? Extreme prolonged heat can cause problems, and being cold will make it thick but bringing it back to room temperature will fix it. If a good thorough shaking does not seem to make it workable, exchanging it would be an option. Before you do that, please call the hotline and give them the batch number so they can make note of it 800-833-NAIL

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  20. Gail Parsonsi says:

    What is the procedure when a client has a tear in the natural nail? I put a silk patch on it buffed it and then applied the shellac as instructed. two days later client called and the polish started to peel over the silk repair.

  21. Jan says:

    The color of the bottles of Shellac seem to represent the color of the polish, except Negligee. It is clearly a light pink, not off white like it’s bottle. Why is that?

  22. kristy says:

    hello iam a professional nail tech and ive been using shelliac since october! i love it. but i just thought of an idea for the shelliac bottles… what web site can shelluac be ordered from? thanks.

  23. Gail-
    This IS NOT a CND endorssed procedure, but I have put Fiberglass on the nail using the Shellac basecoat, here is a photo step by step:

    Jan, the Negligee is sheer, the bottles need to be opaque to prevent the Shellac from being cured in the bottle due to light exposure. The bottle shows the shimmery effect you get from the Negligee.

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  24. Mandee says:

    Hi I was wondering, can you use NAIL fresh after scrub fresh to help dehydrate the nail? Can I also use cnd non acid primer after that to assist in boding the shellac?

  25. Yvonne Olmstead says:

    I LOVE Shellac. I am having trouble putting the Shellac on thin enough. I have always polished heavy so its very hard to get just a little bit on. As it dries the Shellac crinkles. But Iam trying to put it in thinner. I would like to see you switch the Negligee to the Ceam Puff bottle. The Negligee color is about the color of the Cream Puff bottle and the Cream Puff is the color is about the color the of Negligee bottle. Other wise I love it!! I was worth the long wait.

  26. Linda says:

    I got my first Shellac nailware on Feb 3, 2011. Today is Feb 19, 2011 and they still look very nice. I absolutely love this stuff and will continue to have my nails done with it.

  27. Mandee, you could use NailFresh before ScrubFresh to further dehydrate the nail. Primer with the Shellac could make the removal more difficult.

    Yvonne, there are a few tips for a thin application in this homemade troubleshooting video –

    Linda, that’s great to hear :)

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  28. Heather Z says:

    I love Shellac, and my clientel has gone from mostly acrylice to most Shellac! Everyone of has loved Shellac, including me!
    I do have a question…I have 2 clients that have great natural nails, so Shellac has worked great for them. BUT, their natural nails are turning a dark yellow-brownish color, not every nail but several of their nails. I don’t have any other clients with this problem. Do you know why their nails would be turning dark? Thanks

  29. Trish Tipton says:

    My light is shutting off and making a buzzing sound before the time is up. Is there a reset switch or is it a faulty lamp?

    • CND says:


      This means that your bulbs are due to be changed. Change the bulbs and press and hold the reset button until the timer resets.

      Thank you

  30. Lisa says:

    I just did my third set of shellac’s and I absolutely love it. While is is SO EASY I was chatting away and accidently used the Scrub Fresh instead of the IPA to clean them at the end. DOH :-(

    Have I just totally ruined that set? Will they last as long? I feel awful and so silly.

    Other than that NO PROBLEM so far so good. Brilliant and highly recommended to all.

    • CND says:


      We are so glad that you love Shellac. Sometimes those things just happen….You may see product breakdown earlier than normal and of course the shine will be compromised.

      Thank you

  31. Mandee says:

    So I just want to confirm that I could use cnd primer before application of shellac but the removal will be harder. But if thelasting results are better, would that not be a good trade off. I mean the clients will be happier with longer lasting results. But how much harder is it to get off?

  32. Kim Fichtel says:

    I have been using Shellac for awhile now and really love it. My only concern is customers who are freaking out about all the hype that the UV light causes cancer. Can you please advise what I can say to my clients to put their minds at ease? Would it be wise to apply an SPF cream to hands prior to doing the Shellac? Thanks

    • CND says:


      The amount of UV exposure during a Shellac service is approximately the same as walking to your car. It is very minimal.

      Thank you

  33. Gail says:

    How can I be properly trained in the Shellac procedures? I would like to be able to assist others in my area and also help with any problems I am having. I am in the Orlando, Fla area.

  34. Mandee, you might want to really troubleshoot all aspects of application before resorting to primer. Try this troubleshooting video and see if it helps-

    Gail, visit the link provided above and fill out the Shellac Ambassador application. Good Luck!!

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  35. Kim, you and your clients might find this study on UV lamps to be very informative:

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  36. Patty says:

    I had a client recently in for removal of the Shellac, and i have never seen it so hard to get it off. It took me over a hour of soaking her nails even after buffing(trying to break the seal) them to get the shellac off. Has anyone seen this before? Any sujestions would be appreciated.

    • CND says:


      Was this one of your clients that you applied Shellac to are was it a client that came to you that “said they had Shellac on their nails”?

      Thank you

  37. Kim Fichtel says:

    Thanks Holly,
    Awesome information about the UV lights. I copied it and put it up in my shop.

  38. Laurie says:

    I started doing a soaking manicure before the Shellac and noticed that the polish is not going on evenly; almost like the nailbaid is oily. I have been extremely careful in not using scrub or lotion on the nail bed and using scrubfresh and acetone to wipe down the nailbed. Could it be due to the nail soaking in water?? Any other Shellac applications I have done without a wet manicure, goes on just fine. Please help!!!

    • CND says:


      We suggest that you use any SPA type products after your Shellac service and not to soak the natural nails prior to Shellac application.

      Thank you,

  39. Vickie Auman says:

    I checked and there are no trainers in North Carolina that I can see.

    • CND says:


      There is a Shellac Class in Greenville NC in May. Visit and click on Education then find. Hopefully this will help.

      Thank You,

  40. Taryn says:

    I am having a hard time with shellac staying on clients who have had their acrylic nails removed. How do I transition them to shellac?

  41. Jacqui Frederick says:

    This is a wonderful concept but it just does not work on me. I have had this done several times and except for the one time I went on vacation the product has chipped within 3 or 4 days. I go back to the salon to have her fix it. This last time I’ve decided just to get a regular manicure and paint them myself between services.

  42. Cristina says:

    How can I start ordering Shellac?
    Because I’m starting in the area but I would love if I could start with your products.
    But I don’t have a salon, so do you think that it’s possible have the Shellac?
    Because I do manicure in my own home.

    Waiting for answer
    Cristina Arruda

    PS: Sorry my bad english but I’m from Portugal (Azores)

  43. Taryn,
    here is one option that involves thinning the acrylic:

    here is aother option using fiberglass in the Shellac to add temporary strength:

    I am sorry that you have not seen the results that Shellac usually provides. Are you using Solar Oil 2-3 times a day? Hopefully the salon will seek out some troubleshooting information for you.

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  44. Crystal says:

    Love, Love, Love the Shellac system.
    Just curious as to income potential of a CND ambassador?

  45. Leigh Medlin says:

    When doing a Shellac Pedicure, can you soak the feet after curing the shellac?

  46. Jen says:

    I am having trouble finding 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Is 91% ok to use?

  47. Donna Michelle says:

    Hello CND,
    I am interested in the Education Ambassadors Program. How do I find a Mentor Ambassador? I am in San Diego
    Ca. In the Rancho San Diego/ La Mesa area.
    Thank You
    Donna Michelle

  48. Crystal,
    The income varies on your personal drive and work choices.

    You can soak the feet to sanitize 3-5 minutes before Shellac application, you can also complete your pedicure after Shellac application. Full detailed step by steps are available at

    91 is better than 70, you can order 99% from places like Industry Source and

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  49. Donna,
    visit and log in then click Education then Education Ambassadors to find an EA near you, their email address should be listed.

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  50. Alma says:

    Is the technician suppose to or not suppose to roughen up the nail bed before the base coat is applied. I questioned the tech and she said this was done to make sure the shellac stayed on the nail because the oil in the nail would make the polish not stay on.

    • CND says:


      The natural nail should NOT be roughed prior to application of the Shellac. The Shellac Base Coat is designed to adhere to the “Healthy Natural Nail”. Ask your nail professional to review the Shellac Step-by-Steps on the website.

      Thank you,

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