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Shellac in Minutes – Solid Color Application & Removal
Basic Shellac application and removal steps using a solid opaque color.

Shellac in Minutes – French Application & Removal
Shellac application and removal steps for a French Manicure.

Shellac in Minutes – Layering
Get creative and layer Shellac to create custom color combinations.

CND in Minutes – CND UV Lamp Set-Up
Everything you need to know about setting-up and using the CND UV Lamp.

161 Responses to “New – CND in Minutes – Shellac Demos!”

  1. Stacie Kirkham says:

    I have had problems with the Shellac and have used this on one client who said that it peeled off in one strip within one week. What kind of base coat and top coat should I use. Is the prep the same as artificial nails.

  2. Stacie-
    You should be using Shellac base coat and Shellac top coat, it is a system of base, color, and top. The PREP is not the same as an enhancement, there is no need to remove the shine from the surface of the nail will a file or buffer. You can find complete step by step instructions by logging in to and clicking on the Shellac information tile.

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  3. Chelsie Reed says:

    I use the exact same process on every shellac client.
    But sometimes I find that the shellac color coat seems to “shrink” if you will, before i even cure it! I cover the entire nail but then by the time i get done with the 5th nail, the 1st one has become color free around the edges..
    please help :(

  4. Chelsie, that can happen if the nails have any oil residue on them or if the Shellac has not been shaken well enough. Do you shake it at least this much:

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  5. tabatha says:

    What is everyone out there charging? We are doing the Shellac application then soaking nails in warm CND massage oil, followed with a hand and arm massage with the almond hydrating lotion for $45. It takes 30 minutes… just curious…don’t undercharge!

  6. Tabatha,
    CND has a suggested pricing guide if you are interested at just log in and click the Shellac information tile.

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  7. Donna Hopkins says:

    I understand that the 12 new Shellac colors are available for purchase already. How/where can I purchase them now all at once? I buy alot of my products through Premier Nail Source and today received an e-mail that they were available but when I went to purchase them they were out of stock already. Any suggestions for better product availability. thanks

  8. Melissa says:

    What are some of the reason for wrinkling? I know one is not shanking the bottle enough. Also if it does wrinkle, will it smooth out after top coat is allpied or is it best to start over/

  9. Donna, they are set for a March release, however some distributors do seem to be opting to let the cat out of the bag. Your best bet may be to check around with a few different distributors and place a pre-order with one of them.

    It can also be from an application that was not quite thin enough. Make sure the bottles are well shaken and each layer is applied nice and thin! The top coat might smooth it out if the wrinkles are minimum, be sure to make a note on the client profile as there may be some issues that arise like chipping.

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  10. Debbie Ostrander says:

    Hi sometimes while putting on Shellac I get a little bump. I have followed the steps and didn’t see anything until I put on the color. What am I doing wrong? and What can I do to remedy the situation?

  11. Lynn Dignard says:

    I have a question:
    Is it at all possible to apply only the base coat then top coat for those clients who simply want a clear?? Or is there another solution?
    Thank you in advance.

  12. montse lama says:

    me encanta shellac, pero estoy sin producto, dicen que no hay producto que está agotado.agradecia que serviesen mas rapido,porque mis clientas estan desesperadas.gracias

  13. Kathy Hortenstine says:

    I have gotten the shellac nails 4 times. One week is the longest they have stayed on. They peel off from the cuticle border. I have been to 4 different salons, 4 different technicians. I would be a regular customer if I could get 2 weeks out of the application.

  14. Tanya Golder says:

    HI! When I remove the inhibition layer with a cotton and 99 IPA I get traces of color coming off on the cotton! Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?

  15. Melissa says:

    I looked for the recomended pricing for Shellac and I can’t find it. Help please. I believe I’m charging a fair price to the clients and our industry but we have salons in my area advertising Shellac for $17 and I don’t understand how or why.

  16. Debbie, sometimes there can be a cuticle remnant or fuzzy that causes a bump, if you catch it before curing you can pull it off with nippers or an orangewood stick depending on what you think it may be.

    Lynn, you can certainly do that!

    Tanya, this can indicate that the top coat is not sealing every edge, see if this helps:

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  17. Ashley Drzazgowski says:

    I for the life of me can not get the lid on my shellac light off to replace the bulbs.. do u have any advise? I watched the video a couple times and it looks so simple but it is extremely difficult in real life.. what do u suggest that i do considering that my bulbs need changed and i cant get to them? I even bought another light just to have on stock and i cant get that lid off either… please help me somehow!

  18. Kelly Melanitou says:

    Hola Montse,

    Estamos produciendo más Shellac lo más rápido posible. Por favor, sea paciente y pronto tendrais más productos.

    Kelly Melanitou
    Education Ambassador

  19. Took a Shellac class today… Have been working with the product for a few months… Can not find 99% alcohol..Checked with all drug stores and medical supply stores here…No one has it… Beauty supply stores do not have it…. HELP…

  20. Kathy, what are your natural nails like? Were you using Solar Oil 2-3 times a day?

    Ashley, see if this method is easier for you –

    Susan, and Industry Source are a couple options of distributors that offer it. When you checked with pharmacies did you ask if they would be willing to order it for you?

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  21. julie long says:

    Can you just apply the shellac top coat so clients can wear as a clear color? will it peel off? Do you have to layer for it to last?

    • CND says:


      Yes you can wear Clear Shellac.

      Prepare the nail as listed in the Shellac Step by Step
      Base Coat Cure 10 Sec
      Top Coat Cure 2 min
      Top Coat Cure 2 min
      Wipe with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

      Thank you

  22. Laurie says:

    I would like to know if there are any iformation packets on the shellas layering? Would love to see all the options and how they are applied, also the order in wich color goes first .Thanks

  23. Laurie M says:

    Hi, when will you show the new colors on your web-site? And, I’d love to see the laying suggestions for the new colors as well.

    • CND says:


      The new colors launch March 1. You will see more info soon, as well as layering techniques.

      Thank you

  24. Keisha says:

    I absolutely, love, love Shellac because it does not require anything other than a “dry manicure”. My client’s love it and though we don’t allow all of the colors to be layered for quality control reasons we do offer a large array of color options. The sheer colors that are much like the effects are the best sellers for layering. There are two things I have to ask as a professional technician…

    1. Please, Please use the boxes and not the plastic containers they are easier to store and don’t make so much noise…oh and once the stickers are lost good luck keeping them in the plastic containers, plus…the cardboard is a GREEN option and healthier for our planet.

    2. Please, Please keep up production on the old colors and the new, Shellac has been such a hit that we often find ourselves spending hours hunting the colors down…and time is money, but so is having Shellac so we do-it.

    OKAY…so it was more like 3 or 4 requests…:).
    3. Create a chart just for the Shellac Color matching to the Color and Effects colors, a simply cardboard for each set would be nice…and it would be really nice in the kit.

    4. And my last request. The kit should contain all of the colors, not very many people only want half of the colors. I’m sure it was a price point issue, but since we can’t choose the colors we might as well get one bottle of all of them.

    Thanks for listening and KEEP up the GREAT PRODUCT R&D!

  25. Giselle says:

    How long do I have to wait to re-do a customers nails after the removal process?

  26. Debs says:

    Help, I accidently created 2 mistakes on 2 separate clients because I am too busy listening to them talk about emotional issues LOL! !) first mistake on one client: switched base coat for top coat! they will surely come off right… 2) forgot to put base coat on and applied the color right to well prepped nail plate AHHHH! it will be easier to remove because I don’t have the proper base coat on each? I feel like such a dummy ;o)

    • CND says:


      Thank you for your comments. We all make mistakes. No worries…let’s discuss.

      1. Switched Base coat for Top Coat – If you applied Shellac Top Coat as your base coat the chances of adhesion to the nail will be greatly reduced. Your client will likely experience chipping and or peeling.

      2. Forgot base coat, applied color coat to PEP’d nail – Again you will probably see reduced wearability in the form of chipping and or peeling as well as it may come off in a sheet.

      We suggest you removed and reapply in both cases.

      Hang in there!!!!

      Thank you

  27. Debs says:

    Ahhh thanks my friend for the quick and concise reply. So it should be easier to get off because of the lack of base coat right?

    • CND says:


      You shouldn’t have a problem removing the Shellac for reapplication. Best of luck!


  28. Marlene says:

    I watched the video on YouTube about Shellac and was beyond EXCITED to say the least, to learn that I could finally wear nail polish longer than ONE day! I finally made the decision to use the product and felt bad because my regular Nail Technician does not use Shellac. To this end, I went to someone else and was in awe that the product did NOT meet my standards. I chose the Black polish and with each application under the lamp, the polish bubbled. The Nail Tech. stated that she had used the other colors before and NEVER experienced what I call “Bubbling.” It was so bad that she only charged me for the manicure and tried to convince me to come back another time for me to try another color. She had another customer that was there before me that came for a polish change, and this customer had on the white polish and her color only lasted a week. To this end, I don’t know what to say! I do NOT wear acrylic and I love everything about wearing nail polish. If and when feasible, could someone PLEASE advise me on where the nail tech could have possibly gone wrong? Please note that I am NOT trying to BASH Shellac, I just want to know if all the kinks have been ironed out and if there is something missing as it relates to the application process. Thanks for your time and Please Create A Wonderful Day!

  29. Bec says:

    I’m considering having the Shellac process done on my nails. My questions are after 2 weeks is the process that you use acetone to remove all of the product and then start the application process over again? Can you change nail color in between times?

  30. Quyen says:

    I want to note that when the shellac top coat bottle is almost running out (maybe about 3 or more applications), it is quite thick and I am not able to apply a thin coat, so how can I thin it out? (with normal nail polish, I would use a few drops of nail polish thinner, and it would be easy to apply again)

  31. Marlene,
    It sounds like a possible application issue, you might consider giving her another chance or visiting another Shellac salon.

    The Shellac is removed after 2 weeks using the Remover Wraps with acetone and reapplied just like polish would be removed and reapplied. You can polish over your Shellac, a popular option is to polish with a CND Effect after a week to chance up the color a bit.

    I have found that shaking it, then laying the bottle on its side while I am working on the nails makes it easier to work with and get to. I have sometimes added a drop of another bottle of top coat to get the consistency workable so I can get every last drop.

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  32. elizabeth kurkowski says:

    so.. how about a pdf of the new shellac colrs and how to layer them? love the product.

  33. julie rochell says:

    I love the shellac, but I find that it gets thick before the bottle is half empty. Will you be coming out with a polish thinner like regular nail polishes have? Please say yes, or advise me on what I should do. Love the product, but still learning

  34. Melissa says:

    I am having problems with the Shellac color Romantique going on streaky. The first coat goes on just fine and the second coat streaks. I put it on as thin as possible. I shake the bottles for 30 seconds. I believe I am doing everything right since I do not have any problems with the rest of the colors. Also I was wondering if I could just put one coat of the Romantique on? Followed by 2 coats of Top Coat?

    My second questions is about the Citrus Moisture Scrub. I tried to purchase this at two different Beauty Suppliers (Cosmoprof & Salon Centric) and both times the Scrubs had a horrible smell. The last one I bought (from The Industry Source)after 6 months had gotten the same odor. I called CND and they told me that it had a shelf life of one year and the batch was probably old. I am very disappointed. I really do not want to have to use another brand but I also do not want to take the chance of ordering from another Beauty Supply just to have to ship it back. And what if this keeps happening with every one I order? Is any one else having this problem? Maybe I need to order it from a Beauty Supply that has more of a turnover selling it? I would love some ideas on what to do. I have been a loyal CND Spa Manicure user for 13 years now! Thank you!

  35. Sharon says:

    I had the Shellac manicure done at two different salons multiple times and found that after a few months or so I had to quit because my nails became so thin and would peel. Neither salon used the acetone wraps supplied by your company (one just wrapped my nails in acetone soaked gauze covered by aluminum foil and the other had me soak my nails in a bowl of acetone). Could that have been the problem? As a dentist (I understand the product was developed by a dentist!), I am disappointed in not being able to wear the product.

  36. Donna Hopkins says:

    I am struggling with finding a comfortable position for myself and my customer when applying the Shellac to the toe nails..Any helpful hints wb greatly appreciated. Thanks !!

  37. Julie,
    the tyrick is to keep it closed tight when not in use and stored at room temp (68-72F) When I get to the very last of the bottle I find it helpful to add just a few drops of new topcoat, shake well and then I can get that last bit out.

    It would be fine to use just one coat of the Romantique, I like it layered under Beau and Negligee as well. I have not run into that isue with Citrus Moisture Scrub, are there any stores near you that you could smell it before you leave the store with it? Also did you try stirring it?

    The original SolarNail liquid was developed by a dentist Dr Nordstrom who started the company, but Shellac was created by research chemists. Were your nails buffed or filed on the surface? Improper application can play a role in the success/ or non- success of Shellac, but so can client wear and tear or natural nail condition. Also were you using Solar Oil 2-3 times a day at least?

    What type of set up do you have, are you sitting in normal chairs across from each other, do you have a pedi chair, etc.?

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  38. Kelly says:

    I went to try Shellac and unfortunently I got a very bad nail tech. Her application was very sloppy. Is there a discussion forum where I could talk to people and find a good Shellac Nail Tech in my area?

    • CND says:


      We are sorry for your unfortunate experience. There is no “official” discussion forum. We would suggest that you contact your salon and discuss your concerns to see if they can be rectified. You can find a list of Shellac salons in your area at

      Thank you

  39. Colette says:

    I have had client’s ask is I need to remove the Shellac even if they are going to pick the same color. I am assuming that is a yes, but want to double check. Also, I have noticed that my client’s nails are looking unhealthy after removal. I have noticed in past comments you have suggested using Solar Oil 2-3 times a DAY. Would this help keeping their nails healthy and will it cause complications with lifting?

    Thank you,

    P.S. This Shellac blog is a nice tech support for the product!

    • CND says:


      Thank you for your questions and comments. Even if they are using the same color you would need to remove and reapply. Regular use of Solar Oil will offset dryness in the natural nail and help maintain flexibility in Shellac and natural nail. Solar Oil will not cause lifting.

      Thank you

  40. Donna Hopkins says:

    I have a pedi chair but no place to set the UV lamp for curing. Have sat the client in a regular chair with uv lamp on the floor and me across from client. I end up kneeling on the floor–ouch–with their foot resting on my old movable pedi bench during application. by the time i am done my back is killing me as are my knees…

  41. Donna,
    By pedi chair I’m guessing throne style with the built in tub. My suggestion would be to find a tray, board, pre-cut shelf, etc. That fits right across the tub with a bit of hang-off. This will allow you to soak the feet, allow the water to drain as you put the board across and set up the lamp and your stuff. A board can be stained or painted to match the salon as a shelf could as well. A few extra coats of clear sealant would be a good idea to protect it. You could even add artistic touches to make it fit into the salon atmosphere ;) once the Shellac is done, remove the board and finish the pedicure.
    Hope this helps!
    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  42. Betsy says:

    OK I need help, I have been using Shellac since the beginning and LOVE IT!! My boss made a change on me (like one day notice) Because I use Shellac somewhere else, split the cost. She agreed with splitting the cost. Calls me up said: we are using Gelish now, brought it at the Beauty show in NY sale price. I read about it prior to Shellac but didnt like the glass look on the nail. I read, study both Gelish ad Shellac. I also got suggustion from my customers, they were looking forward to SHELLAC. I tried out shellac for one month prior to using it to my customers, it worked great. Now having my customers use to shellac now changing to Gelish. (without me testing it, or asking me) Now my customers do not want gelish if I didnt test it. (I dont want to, due the way my boss told me and not making the change slowly to my customers if my boss wants the change) Questions: I need to convince my boss that Shellac is better then Gelish please give me the pros, cons and health ways (which customers are asking me) Thank you so much for any help…..I LOVE SHELLAC

  43. Melissa says:

    Hi Holly! First I want to say Thank You for your quick response. About the Citrus Scrub. I did try to stir it and we did open a couple of the jars both at CosmoProf and Salon Centric. Cosmoprof told me I was the only one who purchases it and there jars were most likely old. Salon Centric was trying to convince me that it was suppose to smell like that because there tester had the same smell. But I know it’s not because of the one I had bought from The Industry Source did have a Citrus scent. I called The Industry Source and they told me they check the batch numbers and will take the old ones off the shelf. They also said they sell a lot of it. So I have ordered one from them. It should get here on Tuesday. Hopefully it has a Citrus scent. If not I decided that I will just add some Citrus scented essential oil to it!

  44. Suzanne says:

    I can not get the shellac to set up I did the 2 minutes for every coat, and finish with the top coat, but it is still tacky, I have tried alcohol, but that dulls the finish. Any suggestions?

    • CND says:


      What percentage Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) are you using? Using less than 99% IPA will dull the finish surface. Visit for a full Shellac Step-by-Step.

      Thank you

  45. Donna Hopkins says:

    thanks for ur ideas Holly. have someone looking at making me a tray that will sit off to the side of the tub right now.

    another questions for you: was finishing up a shellac top coat application yesterday when all of a sudden the brush became stiff and almost as hard as a rock and the product on the brush was like a big blob…….been doing this for almost 5 months now and this was a first. luckily had another bottle on hand. any thoughts on this one?????

  46. Betsy,
    The most common difference I see mentioned online is that the natural nail does not need to be buffed before Shellac application and the Shellac does not need to be filed for removal.

    Melissa, if you have the batch numbers still would you please submit them to the hotline? Hopefully the new one from IS will work, let me know holly.schippers at

    Cool! Send me a picture would love to see it :) holly.schippers at
    That sounds like your brush cured, were you by chance in the spill of light while your lamp was on during application or was your table lamp right down directly over the top of it?

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  47. Donna Hopkins says:


    I was doing a shellac pedi and while one foot was curing I was applying top coat to the other foot and I guess it is possible that the brush could have cured…..will watch for that in the future. Will the product still left inside the bottle still be ok to use if poured into another top coat bottle???? My table lamp when I am doing a shellac mani is always close by and often over my product, can that create this same issue??? Wow, always learning something new everyday with the shellac product but loving it none the less as our all my clients. Already have clients looking forward to the next 12 colors due out in late 2011. Would love to be able to tell them what the new colors wb, any idea yet? As always thanks for your quick responses to all my questions, wb lost wo the blog. Living in bangor maine hinders access to your education seminars and our local beauty supply shops can’t answer any questions we have.

  48. Donna,
    It is possible some of the product in the bottle would be fine, it depends on where you were holding the bottle. The table lamp can cause the issue more gradually, you may notice thickening, just move it up a bit when applying. I have not heard rumor of the next colors yet, but looking forward to them! Glad the blog has been a help :)

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  49. Alison says:

    can you use anything under the shellac system to make a broken nail longer. such as a tip, or acrylic? After almost 30 years I have taken the acrylic of my nails, They are very thin. soft and short. What can I do to help them get stromger, and longer?

  50. Alison, there isn’t much to make them longer as Shellac is a Power polish not an enhancement. You can make them a bit stronger, I have had a lot of success adding in a bit of Fiberglass to my clients with weak nails:

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

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