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Shellac in Minutes – Solid Color Application & Removal
Basic Shellac application and removal steps using a solid opaque color.

Shellac in Minutes – French Application & Removal
Shellac application and removal steps for a French Manicure.

Shellac in Minutes – Layering
Get creative and layer Shellac to create custom color combinations.

CND in Minutes – CND UV Lamp Set-Up
Everything you need to know about setting-up and using the CND UV Lamp.

161 Responses to “New – CND in Minutes – Shellac Demos!”

  1. Betsy says:

    Thank you Holly:

    Yes I knew this but the Gelac has the same procedure as of Shellac but the look is glassey not the polish look. The removal is the same. But the time under the light is longer. That is what I telling my clients that. Do you have any other comments about the differents?


  2. Mandee says:

    Oh my!!!! Success…..Started doing Shellac at the beginning of the month…..did a handful of clients, all returned, and all sent me 1-2 new clients!!! I did 8 Shellac clients this week!!! I have got my routine down and I can do new Shellac in 30 minutes, and remove and re-apply in 45…I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Habing great sucess with it going the distance too…2 1/2 to 3 weeks easy.

  3. ashlie says:

    I have done literally over a 1000 sets of shellac since last june, we did a groupon for shellac and it is crazy. Getting a LOT of practice. I also have got it down to about 30 minutes, 45 with removal but I am using a natural nail bit and it helps a lot.

  4. heather says:

    I am getting pretty good results with the shellac. However, I wish you would advertise that results may very. Everybody’s body chemistry is differant. I am getting 2 weeks from some clients and 10 from others. I had a client tell me her friend only got four days. As a tech. I feel bad, but have heard that from clients have gone elsewhere as well. is anyone else having these problems?????

  5. Maria says:

    I had done a shellac manicure on my sister and it started to peel with in days. i had fallowed all the PEP steps and fallowed all the steps in the video and it didnt work. what did i do wrong?

  6. May says:

    I am still having lots of problems with shellac. It has been 5 months since I started using it , and the longes I have managed without peeling, is 5 days!!! It is true that solar oil is great, I use it 4-5 times a day and I am hoping that once my nail has grown totally new, shellac might stay longer on me. I LOVE the product but……..I wish it last longer than 5 days.

  7. J. Rotner says:

    How safe is the UV light?
    I’m concerned about exposure to the skin.

  8. angy says:

    I am getting pimples in my shellac, any ideas??????

  9. Betsy,
    Since I don’t use the other I don’t have a lot more comparison info, you are welcome to pop onto my FB page and ask the followers if they have tried the other and what their thoughts on differences are :o)

    That’s awesome!!

    Ashlie, Congrats on your success!

    A good way to combat that is tell clients it can last 14 days if they do THEIR part ;)

    What lamp do you use? Here is a troubleshooting video that may help:

    See if this troubleshooting video helps:

    J Rotner,
    Here is a great report on UV lamps I think you may find helpful:

    Is it by chance cuticle remnant?

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  10. Maria says:

    To Holly,
    I use the CND lamp that was given to me at the Class I took in Chicago. I have tried everything I can think off and they are still peeling within days. I’m really frustrated and wondering if I spend my money wisely. HELP!!

  11. Maria,
    Did you peel out every single piece of blue film from the inside of the lamp? Have you looked to be absolutely sure all 4 bulbs light up? Do you keep the Shellac off the skin? When you wipe with alcohol at the end is your pad clean or is there color? When you ScrubFresh do you scrub like you are trying to remove red polish?

  12. Amber Gerringer says:

    I absolutly LOVE Shellac! I first started using Gelish but I had read so many great things about shellac and I have alway’s liked CND products so I decided to give Shellac a try. I will NEVER go back to Gelish! Shellac’s colors just look so much better. Also from my own experience Shellac is a little easier to remove than Gellish but last just as long if not longer also. I am totally a Shellac fan now!

  13. Bev says:

    I Love Shellac Nail Product. I have watched CND videos and followed their instructions. I have had no issues when I got it right. The nail cuticle needs to be cleaned well so it doesn’t peel.
    Keep the product off the cuticle too before curing. Soak off is 10 mintes as they say no problem. I’m looking forward to more experience with this product.

  14. Bev says:

    I am researching to see if Shellac can be used over a nail mender product if a client has a split in their nail. I have put a little glue under my crack for now and that has been ok. But as a Professional was wondering what other ideas are out there?
    Also if a client wants tips and Shellac what would that process be? Is it possible?

  15. Lidia Dias says:

    Olá !! I´am in Portugal and we do not have any information of CND ! I have find one sallon who work with your products, but very expensive !When we try to find sallons who do CND we only see saloons in Spain !! I know that Portugal is a small country but we womans like to go to the salon at least once a week!!!!

  16. Meredith says:

    Just a question regarding the use of certain lighting when applying Shellac – I use a fluorescent Maggie lamp (Daylight) and have read that fluorescent release a small amount of UV light. I am not sure if this is UVA or UVB. Would this cause any service problems to use this lighting source when applying shellac?

  17. Tana Morgan says:

    I have read up on the problems and solutions to applying Shellac. I am having better results now. I also got a new lamp with the 4 bulbs. Most of my clients love the Shellac. One time, though, the nails just popped off in 2 days. I was wondering if it was because I had a “lip” on the free edge of the nail that was too big. Another time, a client’s nails chipped within 4 days. Her nails were flaky, though. I wondered if that was why.
    After about 4 reShellacs, my clients experience dry nails. I read about buffing oil into the nails. Can they then have a regular polish or reShellac right then, or do they have to wait with bare nails for a couple weeks?

    Can I put nail art or decals with a regular top coat after doing a regular Shellac?


  18. Amber,
    Thanks for being a fan!

    Shellac does not add enough strength to support a tip. I have had great luck combining it with fiberglass mesh for nail repairs though, here is a video on how I do it:

    I wish you success in finding a salon in your country, if you have not had luck with the salon finder at maybe try doing a Google search in case it would bring one up by their website or Facebook.

    All lights put out some form of UV which can cause issues, if you do not have it pulled down o close you could bump your forehead on it you should be ok. If you notice the Shellac thickening as you apply it, that is an indicator your light is too close.

    If there was a lip on the edge it most likely did not get a full cure which would cause service breakdown issues. Flaky nails can also be a problem because the nail itself chips away. If you do the buff and oil you need to have them wash with soap and water, then you should be ok to re-apply. They should be using Solar Oil at home 2-3 times a day. You can add decals to Shellac after the application is complete. You can also do art with Shellac, visit for a cool how to video!

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  19. jodie says:

    hi have just started to use shellac and am having trouble curing the dark colours, i have used the lighter colours and had no problem, but with the dark it wrinkles and come’s off.. please help!!!

  20. shelby says:

    i just started using shallac and everything was going great then i did a set today and 5 out of my 10 nails wrinkled any ideal what went wrong

  21. Tina says:

    With the dry manicure how would you recommend I proceed with a first time client with lots of dry cuticle. I seem to be having challenges with a nice clean up job in this case. Usually someone who does a lot of gardening or hard work with their hands and don’t pay much attention to the cuticle. Thanks! Love the shellac and everyone I have tried it on loves it too!

  22. Jodie,
    Make sure you are using a thin application, see if your layers look like those in this video:

    Make sure you are using a thin application, see if your layers look like those in this video:

    Cuticle Away is really useful for all types of clients, here is a video to give you an idea of what it can do:

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

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