Q&A #5 Why are there white spots on the natural nail?

Q: Why am I seeing white spots on the nails after removal of Shellac?

A: White spots on the nail after removal of Shellac is typically due to slight dehydration of the nails.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Clients should be using Solar Oil daily and repeatedly. This will help moisturize their natural nails and keep their natural flexibility. It will also help maintain the natural flexible feeling of Shellac.
  • Minimize exposure of acetone by using Shellac Wraps. Soaking the nails and fingertips in a bowl of acetone is excessive exposure to acetone.
  • Apply Shellac base coat thin. The thicker you use it the longer it will take to remove.
  • If your clients natural nails are overly dry, try a warm Solar Oil soak. Use an oil warmer or place small bowl of Solar Oil in a larger bowl of warm water.Put just enough Solar oil to cover the tips of the fingers. Soak for 5 min after application of Shellac
  • When dry spots are found on natural nail after Shellac removal, apply SolarOil and buff with 1200 grit buffer such as CND Koala Buffer.  In mild cases, Shellac can then be reapplied.  In more severe cases, the client should take a break from wearing Shellac for a few weeks.
  • To remove any residual Shellac use an orangewood stick to gently scrape the nail. Do not use metal or hard plastic. Improper scraping may cause damage to the top layer of natural nail, thus making the nails more prone to dehydration.
  • Immediately after Shellac removal, wash the client’s hand with plenty of water using mild soap. Strong soap or detergents are also sources of dehydration.
  • Do not buff the natural nail prior to application.  The top layer of the natural nail is normally more dense or less porous than the other layers and acts as a protecting layer, preventing solvents from penetrating the natural nail and causing excess dehydration.

228 Responses to “Q&A #5 Why are there white spots on the natural nail?”

  1. Jen says:

    I have to say, I love shellac! I went to take another CND class and ended up being the only show up so I had a one-on-one class and started to quiz the instructor about shellac. She just came back from your big training conf. and still had her kit packed on her so I talked her into teaching me the shellac instead of the other class! I was lucky to be fresh off the plane shellacked and I was so excited to be able to try it out before I invested in it. I had to wait months for the product to come on the market but it was so worth it. I only do natural nails and this fits in beautifully with a nice markup. The only trouble I have had is the white spots. I have been doing them for so long I have tried everything! I will put some suggestions to work and hopefully something will be able to prevent in the future. I have never had an issue on the toes though, which is where my focus is. Keep up the good advice!

  2. Melissa says:

    After removal of the shellac I wipe the nail beds with an acetone soaked wipe then buff with solar oil because it feels like there is some residue left on the nail bed…and for some of my guest with the white spots applying the oil and buffing removes the spots…I haven’t seen any problems with adhesion by using the oil before the application but do you suggest not doing this?

  3. Dee Dee says:

    I have a client that has white spots on several of her nails. This is not from the shellac, she has been getting regular manicures every two weeks for a year. Her nails have had white spots on them even then. I use a formaldehyde free polish and she still has them. Her nails are brittle and peel, so her polish never stays very long. So I have tried shellac on her and it stays on her much better, but she still has the white spots and she is using the solar oil. Do you think these white spots will get any better and is it safe to keep using shellac on her? I read in an earlier question posted that a nail tech used solar oil on the nail after removing shellac with acetone, and used the oil and very lightly buffed to remove the dry spot. Is this ok to do before the application of shellac?

  4. Dee Dee says:

    I need to clarify that the earlier comment is that she used solar oil on the nail and buffed lightly because after removing shellac with acetone there was still a slight residue on nail that needed to be removed and it helped dry spots also. Is this ok to do before applying shellac?

  5. Melissa,
    If you ever run into peeling or an odd pooling of the base coat you may want to skip doing that for adhesion reasons. If you are having some residue after removal, check out this quick video and see if it helps you get a cleaner finish so buffing is not necessary:

    See my reply to her above for the answer to that second question. Does your client massage the Solar Oil in at least 2-3 times a day, wear gloves when in water or chemicals, put lotion on at night? Some of those could significantly help with the dry and brittle condition of the nails. You could also do a Solar Oil soak after her Shellac application. Do you soak her in water for manicures?

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  6. BRIDGET says:

    Shellac ruined my nails! I had thin nails to begin with and the shellac has caused them to peel and my nail tech doesn’t know why this happened. The first application lasted 2 weeks then the past 2 apps lasted about 3 days before the shellac begins to lift off. I now have tons of white spots on every single nail, I need some advice on how to “heal” my nails, how to build back the layers and get them healthy again. PS, I have been using solar oil 3-4 times a day everyday and still ended up w/this problem. I am constantly putting hand cream on because I live in the midwest. Is there something else I can try to heal my nails? thanks.

  7. Dena says:

    I’ve been doing Shellac Nails for about 6 months. I accidently found out that too much Solar Oil can loosen the product. I had a client that was over zelous and would rub the solar oil every night on the cuticle and top of the nail. We were having some issues with the polish peeling. Once she stopped doing that everything was fine. I tell people to use the oil on the cuticle only and not the top of the nail.

    • CND says:


      Thank you for your comments. Solar Oil won’t “cause” Shellac to peel. Even if applied to the entire nail. However if there is peeling already present and the Solar Oil get underneath, it will cause the peeling to worsen. We hope this clarifies.


  8. Liz says:

    I am a consumer, I have been getting my nails Shellac’d for about 2 months now. At first it was great, but the salon I am going to has started soaking the whole nail in acetone and scraping with a metal scraper b/c it’s easier. Any residue is then filed off with a nail file. Am I correct to insist they use the wraps and remove it properly or change salons?

    • CND says:


      It is important that Shellac be applied and removed properly, according to the step-by-steps. We would encourage you to work with your salon and discuss your concerns about the health of your natural nail. There is no need to scrape or file the natural nail during removal.

      Thank you

  9. Debra Sinagra says:

    I heard that prior to acetone wrap removal to buff off just the top coat so the wraps work quicker and more completely. Is this correct?

    • CND says:


      There is no need to buff the top coat prior to applying removal wraps. Shellac is designed to remove in 10 minutes with no buffing. Natural nail clients tend to have an aversion to files being applied to their nails.

      Thank you

  10. Anmarie says:

    I had Shellac applied two weeks ago, after 1 week 2 polishes peeled off, I had it redone and now another has completely peeled off! Did the salon do something wrong? I also have chipping.

    • CND says:


      It’s hard to say what went wrong without doing some troubleshooting with the nail professional. Some typical causes of peeling are:

      Not shaking the bottle prior to the service.
      Not using a CND lamp.
      Too thick of an application.
      Improper preparation of the nail.

      We suggest you try to troubleshoot with your nail professional. Of course your nail professional can troubleshoot with CND by calling our CND Hotline directly at 800-833-NAIL.

      Thank you,

  11. Demi says:

    I have been using shellac since November and now I am starting to see that it has been working on SOME people but not everyone. To the clients it is my fault but I do everyone the SAME. What can I do to make it work on EVERYONE? I have followed all your steps, practiced before I started advertising it. I’ve called techinical support a few times. I have had some issues with certain colors shrinking and technical support told me it was the light but i am using the CND light and its new still has many hours left on it. What can I do????

    • CND says:


      We would love to do some trouble shooting with you. Shrinkage can be cause from not shaking the bottles. The solvents rise to the surface and the pigments settle in the bottom. When you pull the brush out what do you see? Is there a nice solid color on your brush or do you see that it’s slightly transparent and solid at the same time. If so you need to shake more. Let us know.

      Thank you

  12. tina caton says:

    don’t understand why CND is not coming out with more educational classes on Shellac, because I have so many friends that I have to show them how to use it because there is no class that they can take. CND came out with an awesome product, but the lack of education turn this into a nightmare, for nail techs and clients. I had clients came to me and said they had they either got soak in acetone bowl, got filled with drills and so on. Please don’t let this ruin our business. I built a very reputable business, and I hate it when a client came in and start questioning me because someone else, somewhere ruined her nails. Clearly, CND should have put more effort into educating classes for nail distributors, salon owners so that nail tech like I don’t have to reverse the problems and trying to regain clients trust on this wonderful product.

  13. Tracy Caster says:

    A manicurist left a respoonse on this sight back in October and her tip to everyone who HATED cream puff while doing a french was to use the Brisa gel paint in a bottle. Is this ok to use and please don’t refer me to the ( HOW TO DO video on applying a french with Shellac ) I have seen enough of those and they say the same thing over and over. To be frankly honest, the white cream puff is terrible and I feel and look like an idiot using it. I have over 20 years of experience and specialize in natural nail manicures and I think it’s time to say to CND that Shellac is awesome but they need to work on that white and come up with something better. Now that I have said what I don’t like, I love the rest of the system. It’s great and I’m so glad to have it for my business. Thank you for coming out with such a great idea!! Please let me know what you think on the Brisa gel paint. Thank you…:)

  14. Tracy Caster says:

    More to add to the post above because you are going to ask what was wrong with the cream puff……it shrinks and is to thick. I’m shaking, cleaning the bottle, doing everything the video wants me to do. Please help..

  15. Tracy Caster says:

    I don’t mean to be in such a hurry but I have several Shellac clients per day and was hoping to get a response to my earlier questions. Also can you tell me if the new Shellac colors are coming out in February or march? I’ve heard both…

  16. Sibby says:

    I have to agree somewhat with Tracy’s post about cream puff…I also find it thick and it shrinks very easily in the cnd lamp. The solution I’ve found to this is to apply 2 very thin layers…with the first layer being very transparent having as little as possible on the brush…set the smile line and then apply the next layer following the same line. It takes a bit longer, but less frustration in the end to eliminate the shrinkage. Hope this helps.
    My question is regarding doing a french manicure where the client doesn’t want a color on the rest of their nail, just their natural color through the base coat. In this case should I use 2 layers of the base coat as to not damage it as much when using the alcohol to create the smile line, or is 1 coat fine? Thanks

    • CND says:


      If you are using only the natural nail color for the base. We would suggest the following

      Base coat 10 sec
      Top coat 2 min
      Cream puff 2 min
      Top coat 2 min

      The reason that we don’t suggest just the Shellac base coat and then the Creme Puff is that if you have to clean up the smile line you risk wiping away the Shellac base coat which is the key to easy and quick removal of Shellac.

      Thank you

  17. Tracy Caster says:

    My question still was not answered about the brisa paint posted on Jan 16th…:( and thank you Sibby for the cream puff tips for the french…..:)

    • CND says:


      Your question from the 16th was answered see copy of post here:

      Your post:

      A manicurist left a respoonse on this sight back in October and her tip to everyone who HATED cream puff while doing a french was to use the Brisa gel paint in a bottle. Is this ok to use and please don’t refer me to the ( HOW TO DO video on applying a french with Shellac ) I have seen enough of those and they say the same thing over and over. To be frankly honest, the white cream puff is terrible and I feel and look like an idiot using it. I have over 20 years of experience and specialize in natural nail manicures and I think it’s time to say to CND that Shellac is awesome but they need to work on that white and come up with something better. Now that I have said what I don’t like, I love the rest of the system. It’s great and I’m so glad to have it for my business. Thank you for coming out with such a great idea!! Please let me know what you think on the Brisa gel paint. Thank you…:)



      Thank you for your concern. Kendall’s posts were not deleted. It was a delay in moderation. Here is the response.

      “Shellac is not a gel. Therefore it is not compatible to use “with” Brisa Gel Paint. Because Shellac is a fusion of “Gel Technology & Polish Technology” It has the wearability of gel and the solvents of polish. Therefore it evaporates more like a polish. Try making sure the top of the bottle is really clean before caping and when the bottle is open for use, keep it away from direct light and heat.”

      Thank you

  18. mary kochevar says:

    I live in pueblo colo is there any classes coming up in this area or near by.. Ilove this product and have been doing it since it came out.. I would love to attend a class… thank you

    • CND says:


      You can find our class listings at click on Education, Courses then Shellac Attack and find Shellac education in your area. You can also call our hotline and ask for a recommendation for one of our local CND Education Ambassadors for private training. 800-833-NAIL (6245)

      Thank you

  19. Melissa says:

    I was alittle concerned that a few clients were going to buy the light and products and use them at home instead of having Shellac done in the salon. The lamps are sold on ebay also. I would like to see this product used just in salons.

  20. Melissa,
    It is the intention of CND that Shellac be used only in salons, unfortunately we have no control over the ethics of individual people. Personally I have found it more beneficial to focus on making it worth the visit for those willing to come into the salon by providing a clean and professional service that they would not be able to achieve on their own.

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  21. Melanie says:

    Hello, I am a client of several different salons that use the CND Shellac. I have had this product about 4 times. Everytime the shellac only lasts a week on my nails. I was searching to see if others had this problem when I stubbled on this page. I have not been using solar oil on my own, which could help extend the use of the shellac, but my salons do not sell the solar oil. Do you recommend where I can buy this on my own or do you recommend any other easily accessable cuticle oil that could be substituted.

    Thank you

    • CND says:


      Solar Oil with “repeated use” will actually penetrate through Shellac and into the natural nail. The key is to use it consistently. This will help maintin the flexibility of the product and the natural nail to help in adhesion. Solar Oil should be used a minimum of 2 times a day. More in cold climates or if you expose your nails to household chemicals or any type of drying agent. Use our locator at to find a salon that carries Solar Oil in your area. Solar Oil is sold in 1/8oz, 1/4oz and 2.3oz sizes. Typically and 1/8oz bottle will last two weeks with the recommended use. You may want to ask your salon to order it in for you.

      Thank you,

  22. Melissa says:

    Our salon has been using the shellac since it first came out and we have been more than happy with it, but there have been some cases that we don’t know what is going wrong. One client had been wearing the shellac regularly for about two months. They were perfect then we started to see lifting and chipping and dryness on her natural nails. We then thought it was from not using the solar oil. She waited about 6 weeks then we reapplied the shellac and she was regularly using the solar oil. Perfect condition for about 2 months again. But now same thing lifting and chipping and she is using the solar oil. I am not doing anything different in the application. How could they be doing so well and then not. It seems to happen to other clients too. They wear them continuously without any problems and then they just don’t hold up any more. Is there any problems with continuous wear. Should people take a break in between?

  23. Amy says:

    soaking off… in a pinch, put bits of cotton in the tips of gloves with a bit of acetone, the natural heat from the body helps, and it’s less wasteful. (I love the blending with oil tip, can’t wait to try)

    in my photo album labeled soak off gels… there are two photos of red nails with white designs on them. The second photo was actually taken at two and a half weeks. You can see where it’s grown out.

    It is my personal opinion that not every product is going to work on every client. Weather it’s oily nail beds, a chemical imbalance in the body, new medications they are taking, etc. I LOVE the shellac line… but I do have two clients it just doesn’t seem to stay on, so we revert to what worked before. :)

    • CND says:


      CND recommends using the Shellac wraps as they are targeted to minimize the exposure of acetone to the nail only. This helps to minimize drying to the surrounding tissue and position the acetone to activate the removal process to the Shellac. The Shellac wraps will hold in the heat and with the special backing reduce evaporation of the acetone as well as allowing your client to read a magazine during the removal process.

      You are very correct in saying that Shellac is not for everyone. CND is focused on customizing for each individual client. Determining their activity level, style preference, nail type and commitment level will help to guide clients into the best nail coating for them.

      Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts and idea.


  24. Can someone contact me asap about Shellac.I have purchased the system from local supply but they do not have information on the product.I need certain valid questions anwsered like why do 2 nails not come out each time while the other eight are ok? How long do i wait before wiping with achohol? no one at the supply me about using solar oil to keep the product nor anthing else its been like pulling teeth! I have only learned what i know from online & blogs .I need a class this is not enough

  25. Is it really nesssary to take the bulbs out everytime i want to travel with the cnd lamp and why ?

  26. Melissa, a break can be good if they are having trouble with dryness, you may want to find the issue though. How do you remove the Shellac? Do you do any buffing of the surface of the nail at all?

    Cathy, it is recommended because it protects the balasts from being bounced around by the bulbs. You can eventually end up with a lamp that sounds like a rocket launcher or the bulbs stop lighting up.

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  27. Heather says:

    I am wondering why SOME of my clients are suddenly having trouble with their natural nails yellowing? They are wearing Shellac and it is only happening to a few clients, not all of them. I apply and remove as directed- do you know why their natural nails would turn dark & yellow?

  28. May says:

    I have read almost EVERYTHING, about how to use shellac. I had several problems to start with the application ( not thin enough specially fedora,not curing properly… it is all sorted) but my biggest concerned is that you NEVER admit that YES , shellac DRIES your nails after a while using it, and yes they peel after 2 months of using shellac. You always blame it on not using enough solar oil. Wel….I have one bottle net to my bed, and one in the car for red trafic lights!!!!, and I use it at least 3 times a day!!!!! and they still peel and my nails are extremely drie !!!!!! I also have brown spots, and you never seem to answer that question to why is that.
    Please help.

  29. Heather and May,
    Shellac is formulated with Acetone Soluble Polymers (tiny tunnels) making it removable in 10 minutes with pure acetone. These tiny tunnels allow the acetone to travel all the way down through the coating and finally down to the base layer where the acetone breaks down the “quick-release” polymers releasing Shellac from the natural nail without the use of files or buffers which can damage the natural nail.

    These tiny tunnels also make Shellac penetrable by things like makeup foundation, tanning lotions, cleaning chemicals etc. Likely the yellowing or brown spots are from something the client uses that penetrates the Shellac.

    Technically the Shellac itself does not dry out the nail. It would more be the other products used in the process like acetone and alcohol. Nails are just like hair, genetically some people hit the jackpot and others have to suffer through whatever they have. Some nails are prone to being dry, just like hair. If regular Solar Oil use does not provide enough moisture to the nails it is likely the nails are more prone to being dry and need to enjoy an oil soak occasionally after Shellac application. In some instances it may be a good idea to refrain from the Shellac for a few weeks so as not to be exposed to the acetone and alcohol. The brown spots are covered above, let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  30. sonia gonzalez says:

    I’ve been using shellac since september of 2010. I’ve had alot of success with this products. It is my opinion to apply shellac two times and skip shellac for two week. Try CND almond spa manicure on the third visit and continue with solar oil nail buff which will hydrate the nails and hands. The customers will love this services and the integrity of the nail beds will not be compromised. Instruct the clients to remove any nail polish and use solar oil the day before their nail appointment. On the third visit start by shaping the nails and soaking fingers in a warn oil bath. Wipe nail beds with scrub fresh and apply shellac. I love this product so much that common sense kicked in when I experienced white spots on shellac clients. CND has provided me with all the products to take care any problems nail technician may experience when using any nail enhancements. Good Luck! Thank you CND

  31. May says:

    I totally agreed that the white for french is thicker than other colours. What i have done and it has worked like magic for me, is to cut the brush, literally in HALF!!!!! so it has the same length but it is much thiner!!!!!. It is REALLY much much easier to work with , and easier to apply THINER coats!!!!

  32. May says:

    Thank You for your response Holly. I will try to use some worm Solar Oil and deep my nails for 5 minutes, but at the moment…… I cant be without my shellac for 2 weeks to give my nails a break!! No way. I love it.
    Do you know why the maximun Shellac stays on me is 6 days!!! ????There is one particular nail that after 2 days it peels.Always the same nail!!!. With that particular nail , what I am doing now is VERY thing layers but 3 coats of colour instead of 2, and in that way it last 6 days like the others!! Never manage 7 days thought !!!! do you know why? Could it be my type of nails? because believe me now….I do every step wright!!!!
    The dryness on my nils,I am not too worry about it anymore. It must be normal if I am using acetone every 6 days, but Please help me on the lifting

  33. Sonia, thank you!

    May, if the nail itself is just weak and peeling and needs to grow out past a bad phase try adding fiberglass in the base coat to give it a bit of extra strength. This is NOT endorsed by CND so try it at your own risk –

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  34. Jan's Hair Designers says:

    I have been using shellac since it was first introduced. Love the product and continued to use it even when I was so frustrated that I couldn’t get ANY of the colors for a while because you were so behind in production. So needless to say I was SO excited to hear that there were more colors coming out this March. AND THEN….the absolute disappointment at the colors! There are 12 new ones and the majority of them are just a shade different than what was already out! REALLY!? You couldn’t be a bit more creative!? And I thought for sure that since they were being released in march there would be more bright, fun colors. My clients, along with myself are very disappointed.

    • CND says:

      Jan’s Hair Designers,

      We are sorry that you’re not more excited about the 12 new colors. Color is such a subjective thing that it’s hard to meet everyone’s needs. These next 12 colors were selected to add to our core colors to offer a wider range of options that would appeal to the majority of consumers. Layering, offers even more options and CND will soon release new layering recommendations and some of these combinations are bright and fun. There are also more new colors coming soon hopefully the next ones will have some shades that are perfect for you and your customers.

      Thank you

  35. May says:

    Thank you for your tip regarding the fiberglass. I might try it on that particular nail. How do I remove it? With acetone the same as shellac?

  36. May, yes it comes off with the Shellac during your normal removal. This makes it easy to apply as needed. I find most people only need it for one to three appointments and charge $5 per nail for the repair. Hope you have success with it!

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  37. Holly, There seems to be alot of issues about the natral nail becoming dry after the femoval of Shellac. The Question that I have. If you pepare they natural nail properly before applying gel or acrylic, why when you remove those products the nails are not yellow? I think that most polish is based with red pigment and it discolores the natural. Tinted Gels do not discolor the natural nail. Why? I soak off my clients nails in acetone and reaply, the nail polish is removed with acetone and I have not ever had a problem with discolored nails or spots.

  38. May says:

    Is there a video to show this from the above tex ? “When dry spots are found on natural nail after Shellac removal, apply SolarOil and buff with 1200 grit buffer such as CND Koala Buffer. ” How do you do it?

  39. Sheila says:

    We also need to inform clients that if they attempt to peel the shellac off, or if they are not properly moisturizing their hands/ nails, or they have a lack of iron in their system that white spots/ dots will likely be present.

    Also, Shellac is not a nail hardner or healing product. It is a tough, durable hard shell that offers protection for natural nails. Clients may have a false sense that Shellac will improve how their natural nails grow when in fact it will not. Nail hardening and strength come from internal care as well as external care; not a polish system.

    I love this system and I use it daily on several clients. Since the release in my area it has increased my clientel by 25% and growing. I do recommend the product to all professionals but also suggest that everyone watch all the videos provided on this site and if you have a video to share then submit it. We can all continue to learn from one another :)

  40. Regular nail polish is more porous than gel so the pigment from the color if it is strong enough may seep through the base coat. I find with colors like that a double coat of base coat keeps the nails from being stained. The colored gels are less likely to stain the nails as you are usually starting with a clear base layer that is protecting the nail plate from the pigments in the colors and that clear is not porous enough to allow the pigment through.

    Not to my knowledge, but I will look into it for you to be sure. If you want to try the buffing, apply Solar Oil to the nails, gently buff the nails with the Koala (1200 grit buffer) careful not to overfile. Have the client wash with soap and water, also before application be sure to really scrub with the ScrubFresh.

    Yes if clients are peeling the Shellac off and too stubborn or lazy to use Solar Oil the dryness is much more likely to appear. Congrats on the increase in business and thanks for the great advice!

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  41. Bridgette says:

    So our Salon recently did a groupon and wow what a hit half off a shellac manicure was! We sold over 500! Well I’ve fulfilled about 115 clients so far and on 3 I have had the problem of the nail completely not curing. I have gone through the appropriate steps as far as preping the nail but when I would clean the nail with the 99% alcohol it comes right off. All other nails are fine and cured normally. I reapplied twice reprepped the nail etc and same result.

  42. Bridgette,
    Check that the bulbs all light up and do not have excessive Shellac or dust build up on them. Also are they putting the hand all the way in the lamp to get the proper cure? Let me know if that was it or if we need to troubleshoot further.

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  43. Corrin says:

    I had a new Shellac client last week who could not keep her hands under my CND uv lamp. She was so excited about trying Shellac, as was I to give her the experience. I know with some clients there is that initial heat reaction, but seconds after they’re fine. I was able to complete the base coat on both hands. When I added the color coat for the 2 mins, she kept moving her hand in and out of the lamp. I knew the product wasn’t cured, and I couldn’t even get to the second coat. My client told me placing her hand under the lamp made her heart jump. Needless to say, I could not complete Shellac. She then told me her esthetician has this issue using light therapy on her as well. She says she’s sensitive to energy equipment. How is this type of reaction explained? Is there something I can do for clients with this sensitivity, or is she simply not a good candidate for Shellac or any type of uv product?

  44. Amanda says:

    I’ve been using Shellac for 6 months, and I LOVE it! Its been great for business.
    The only problem i’m having is with removal. I use the wraps, saturated with acetone. Leave on for 10 mins. Massage and pull off to remove. The nails are ALWAYS left with TONS of polish still on, that I have to then take TONS of time scraping off.
    It looks very unprofessional, and its taking a LOT of extra time.
    What am I doing wrong?

  45. Corrin, Let me ask someone more knowledgeable than myself and get back to you on that.

    Are you getting an extremely thin coat of base coat applied? A thick base coat can make removal more difficult. Here is a video on getting a clean removal that may help:

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  46. Amanda says:

    Thank you! The video was very helpful. I had much more success today already!

  47. Amanda,
    That’s wonderful!!!

  48. Maria says:

    I think I may need to talk to someone about this issue.. I am losing clients. My clients nail are breaking they are not happy. The nail spots are on every nail…I can not seent o convince these client to take a break and go back to it they feel it is reuioning ther nails..I have ahd about 15 clients doing this and now they are all turned off for one reson or another …spots in nail are breaking..does stay on , peeling it off them self ,,if they see a part that is liftin etc.. Help>>I have invested alot in this product and the media has ot been if much help either ..please contact me at your earliest convinance thx u Maria

    • CND says:


      We have sent you an email asking you for your contact information. Please provide and someone from our Hotline will contact you ASAP.

      Thank you

  49. Corrin says:


    Has there been any info found regarding my March 22nd post? I’d really like to know why my client couldn’t keep her hands inside the uv lamp.

    Thank you,

  50. Corrin, Sorry about the delay in getting back you you, here is what the scientist I talked to had to say:
    “I suspect she’s not sensitive to energy equipment. She’s appears to be very sensitive to nail bed pain. Some people’s nail beds are “naturally” more sensitive. This can also be “induced”. Friction burns to the nail bed from improper filing can make clients more sensitive to nail bed pain. ”

    Hope this helps!

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