2010 Learning Leadership Conference

Learning Leadership Conference

We’re headed to Scottsdale, Arizona to spend three days with the best and brightest of Cosmetology school owners, managers and Instructors at the 2010 CND Learning Leadership Conference.

The schools attending set the bar high, as they invest in top quality tools, techniques and technology.  At the top are names like LeJames, Federico, Cameo and Empire, just to name a few…..these institutions of learning are the best because they place their students in high esteem and never settle for just ‘good’.   This year’s conference will be strategic  in helping our best schools partners to kick-up their nail program a notch…. or two!  Our goals include new ways to FIRE UP THEIR TEAM, IGNITE THEIR PASSION and help them SOAR TO A NEW STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE!

This begins with Intensive Skill Building!  From the basics in L&P and Gel to the future of the  new Shellac mani and pedi, plus business, facilitation, fashion, design, color and more……CND will help all Cosmetologists and Nail Professionals to service every client with precision and care.

And facilitating this fabulous ‘Boot Camp’ of sorts?  Only the best of best!!  Jan Zanettini, our School Accounts Manager will MC the program and Roxanne Valinoti will be our team lead, with support from Education Ambassadors: Angi Wingle, Kristina Saindon, Julie Goveia and Timily Calles.  And special guest facilitator Susan Cox will enlighten the group with techniques for comprehensive learning.  They’re revved up and ready for action!

So, my take away from this event?   

The future of the beauty industry is in great hands!  These top schools believe in their nail program…they believe in CND…and MOST importantly they exist to see their students succeed! 

I also have to say I felt like the key beneficiary at the program.  To get away from daily tasks and focus on learning, sharing and becoming more enlightened was a rich gift!!!

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  1. Marisela says:

    Can everybody attend this leadership conference? it is open to the pubic, salon owners?
    Are you coming to California? San Diego perhaps
    Thank you

    • CND says:


      The Learning Leadership Conference is an event for our partner schools. If you are a school that would like to partner with CND, please call our hotline and ask for the CND Schools Coordinator.

      Keep an eye out in 2011 for special events for Salons, Salon Owners and Nail Professionals.

      Thank you

  2. P.J. Hester says:

    I must admit I love this product. I have had my nails done at least 3 times now and can’t believe how long the polish stays on. My nail growth can be seen even before the polish wears. Love, love, love this product. Hurry up and make more of it.

  3. kim bright says:

    i also love the new shellac. it has worked wonderfullybut the problem i have is i have a client who has ordered it herself off of and has recevied it and is is not a professional. how can that be when we trying our hardest to get it for the professionals????????

    • CND says:


      There are some unauthorized dealers selling Shellac on eBay. CND does not condone or endorse the sale of Shellac on eBay. We are taking necessary steps to manage the reselling of Shellac via unauthorized channels to assure the quality and authenticity of the product.

      Thank you

  4. Pam says:

    Please stop soaking in acetone use the wraps yes it takes more time
    but you’ll be protecting the nail plate from excessive dryness

  5. diane says:

    I love the shellac product, however, I have 2 clients that no matter what I use, whether acrylic or gel and now shellac, the product does not perform like it should. Now both have very oily nail beds and very short nails at that. So, my ? is, are the just some people, because of their nail bed makeup that cannot where any type of enhancement. The love the shellac, but only get a good week out of it. It starts lifting at the tip of the nail. I thought maybe because their nails were so short it does make it a little difficult to coat the very tip, could that be a problem with shellac with very short nails?????? HELP

  6. Diane,
    Yes it is possible that Shellac will not work for everyone. I have some polishing tricks and top coat tips that may help though if you would like to check them out. Also be sure you scrub the nails with the ScrubFresh as if you were trying to take off red polish before applying the Shellac.

    Polish tips:
    Top coat tricks:

    Hope this helps :)
    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

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