You might not think that I still get excited about jumping on a plane..but I do..and I am as I board the big silver bird for Orlando, Florida…not because I’m huge Disney fan…or because I love stepping into the sweaty steam-bath of Florida heat in June!…but finally, the official launch of Shellac is here and we’re bringing this breakthrough to the nail world via the biggest and best show of the year:  Premiere!

The founder and owner of Premiere (Howard Britt) is a good friend of CND and he cares so passionately about the profession. That’s why this show is always the best of the best, just packed-to-bursting with valuable content and education. 

In anticipation of the launch of this game-changing concept, we prepare for the demand with a HUMONGOUS order of product and a crazy huge staff to support it …there are 68 of us and we’re ready to thrill our clients with demo’s galore, new Shellac Lamps a-plenty and endless rows of Shellac in all 12 colors, plus Shellac Base Coat and Shellac Top Coat. Note: Because Shellac is A UV-cured process, other bases and tops will not work.

Sunday morning, I awaken to a healthful breakfast…strap on the towering (but strangely comfy) platforms and head for show.

…couldn’t help but to admire my glistening fresh Shellac manicure, applied by the fabulous Angi Wingle the day before… (it nearly blinded me by its shine when I stepped into the Florida sun!)

…and then it happens….I TRY…(operative word ‘try’)…to enter our booth and what do I see but a line of people wanting to buy Shellac, see Shellac and learn about Shellac.  The energy is high…Nail Professionals know this innovation will ‘BRING THEIR CLIENTS BACK into the salon after a hiatus…called a recession!

50 100% surcharge to a basic mani price means Nail Professionals will get a raise this year…a BIG one!  And the value for the service is there for the client…14 days of flawless wear with a crazy mirror-finish redefines the manicure from the customer POV.

Clients LOVE the way this product dries to a perfect finish immediately – versus squishy hours of waiting. This speed of “cure” is one of the key assets which makes SHELLAC more desirable than the traditional polish manicure. Your client can literally use her hands immediately, without risking those annoying nicks, dents, dings, scuffs and smudges to the surface.

The good news for the client continues for two weeks more: no chipping, no wear, just the inevitable grow-out at the cuticle, of course. And the benefits for the professional – Shellac is easy-on, easy-off, in and out, start to finish in 30 minutes.

The best part of the show was we truly “brought it ON” in CND fashion with the full motherlode of product…and we were able to satisfy hundreds of orders for our Nail professionals, and bring them into the database as Pro-Shellac’rs Extraordinaire!!!

37 Responses to “READY FOR TAKE-OFF!”

  1. Lottie says:

    When are we going to be able to get the products? I bought it as soon as it came on the market. Now I can’t get it through Cosmo Prof or State since they can’t get it in they say. I had to get it through Ebay. There is something wrong with this process.

  2. Paula says:

    I am freeeeeeaking out!!! Cannot get a hold of these products…have to take it off all of my existing clients and no one is giving me a straight answer!!!! Please tell me why this is happening????

  3. Eunice says:

    I noticed some dryness on my client nails. Is this normal after several Shellac aplications. Tell me what to do. Please.

  4. Chris says:

    I heard the reason why we can’ t have the base and top coat was that CND had used a chemical (illegal in Canada) that burned the natural plate of the nails. Is it true? I love the product and never had problems with my clients so far.

    • CND says:


      This is not true. CND has produced hundreds of thousands of bottles of shellac and distributed them around the world. We simply did not anticipate the level of demand shellac has generated and needed time to increase our production capa ity. We are now shipping quantitiies that meet this demand. If shellac is currently not available in your distributor store it will be soon

      Thank you,

  5. SUSAN says:

    When I do a french pain on nail with the color cream puff and the bottle getting so thick, and after done I saw the wrinkle on the french. Please let me know what should I be doing in this case? Thank you so much for your time.

  6. Cindy says:

    Very frustrated at this point.. Where is the base coat for this wonderful product? I was so excited about it that I went out and bought all that I needed (except the base coat) and told all of my clients about it. Now I sit in limbo every day getting phone calls wondering if I have it yet.. Don’t know what to tell them and feel like I spent 400.+ for nothing….

  7. Mandy says:

    I just started using Shellac in the Salon that i work at. I have approximately 12 shellac clients, already! 8 of them swear by it, they love it! But the other four have had problems with chipping. I applied the Shellac the exact same way to all 12 customers and have used the CND guidelines when applying. I guess what i am asking is, is the shellac meant for all nail types? does it respond better to ceratin nails then to others? Is there something i am doing wrong? Help!
    Thank You!

    • CND says:


      Shellac can be worn by most nail types. There is always a few people who are the exception. However since you have 4 that are peeling. I would ask, are their nails dry naturally? If so they may need to use Solar Oil more often than other clients. Solar Oil will help replenish the oil/moisture balance in the natural nail, with repeated use. This will help keep the natural nail more flexible and allow Shellac to flex with the nail. We would love to help you troubleshoot more if you need it. Just let us know.

      Thank you

  8. Tania says:

    Hello, I absolutely love your product as do my best customers. Though your colors are great, I get asked all the time if CND will be introducing new colors and if so, when? Some of my customers have opted for the Gelish or OPI gell nails due to the larger variety of colors. Will you be offering new colors soon? If so when can we expect to be able to purchase them?



    • CND says:


      We will be launching 12 new colors in Spring 2011 and 12 more by the end of 2011, for a total of 36 colors for 2011.

      Thank you

  9. Leslie Dorsel says:

    How do you remove the lid from the new shellac UV light. I have followed the instructions and have not been able to budge the lid.
    Thanks for your help!!

  10. Diane says:

    I have been using Shellac successfully since it first came out. I have a large Shellac clientele now. I am now out of three of my most popular colors and cannot find it anywhere within a 100 mile radus of my salon! Can I drive to your Vista, Ca offices and pick them up? I am having clients go back to regular mani’s because I don’t have their color anymore in gel! HELP!!!!

    • CND says:


      We do not sell directly to Nail Professionals. Our offices in Vista Ca is not a warehouse. Visit and click on locate distributors. Most distributors will ship to you, so you don’t have to drive to pick it up. Let us know if we can assist you more.

      Thank you

  11. Shauna says:

    I noticed the comment from Susan that the white (Cream Puff) is getting thick. I have a bottle of the white that is doing the same thing. Shaking it has not helped that any. I feel like white polish does this all the time too. However, for polish, there is polish thinner. Is there anything like that for the Shellac product or do you just have to toss it out at this point? The product is now so thick and sticky that it extremely hard to get a thin, even coat. Any tips on how to avoid this would be great. I can’t afford the waste of product. THANKS!!!!

  12. Vicki Dean says:

    I have tried to log in several times, again 2 days ago because password you sent me does not work..Also I registered my salon as a “Shellac” twice now with no results other than that you are checking me out..this has been in last month..I’m losing MONEY on Hilton Head Island, SC due to your would it be inefficiency or negligence.Why is it SO hard?

  13. Eko says:

    When I apply dark colors to a customer, it wrinkled specially around the tip or thumb. What did I do wrong? Some light wrinkles are fixed with top coat.

    • CND says:

      Shake the bottles of Shellac for 20-30 seconds before use. Colors tend to wrinkle under the following conditions:
      They have not been shaken.
      They have been applied too thick.
      Some non CND lamps also cause wrinkling.
      If it’s wrinkling at the tip it is usually caused by excess product left from capping the free edge of the natural nail. Try capping the free edge first then apply the products. You can check out our Shellac in Minutes Videos for a great visual on just how thin the layers need to be.

      Thank you

  14. Tina says:

    Heres a question about shellac. I have an autistic customer who bites her nails to the bone, it was recommended that a gel be applied to her nails to prevent her from biting. I was asked about shellac if it were safe in case she would bite thru and swallow it once dried. I of course, have never been asked this question & am unsure of the answer. As with any gel, it is more difficult to chew through but what about the shellac?
    If anyone at CND or other nail techs can answer this for me I would be very appreciative. Thank You

    • CND says:


      Shellac is softer than gel and easier to “chew” off than gel. All CND’s products should be used as intended, and should not be ingested.

      Thank you

  15. Colleen says:

    I have had OPI gel manicures and have had trouble with chipping and peeling within 4 to 5 days. What could be the problem? I did note that someone mentioned dry nails. Could that be what is causing my problem. My nail place has redone my nails for me 3 times for no charge because of this. It has been 5 days now and my nails are peeling again. I am embarrassed to go back again! Any thoughts?

    • CND says:


      We are not able to speak to other manufacturers products. However if you are having chipping and peeling issues with Shellac, it could be that your natural nails are dry. We recommend using Solar Oil 2 times a day to help restore the oil & moisture balance and to help the product and natural nail remain flexible. You can purchase Solar Oil at your locale CND Salon. Visit and click on locate to find CND Salons in your area.

      Thank you

  16. Suzanne Mitchell says:

    I have been getting my nails shellac for 6 weeks. Now the color is chipping. My nail tech. also is soaking my nails in a bowl of acetone to remove the shellac. After the removal he files my nails and automatically files across the top of my nails with a fat rectangular file. I believe it is pink. He also at the end of the last coat and after it is dry and before I leave he rubs across all my nails with a alcohal soaked cotton ball. He says that this alcohal is required or the nail would stay stichy. Please let me know if these technics are correct.

    • CND says:


      Shellac is designed to be used with the Shellac remover wraps to minimized the exposure to acetone and isolate it to the area that needs removing. There is absolutely NO need to file on the natural nail. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol is required to remove the tacky layer at the end of the service. We also recommend using CND’s Solar Oil 2 times per day.

      Thank you

  17. Rhonda Wells says:

    Cannot find a CND UV light anywhere in Ohio. Can you help? I have just purchased $400.00 worth of shellac and cannot use it properly due to the fact that I do not have the right kind of UV light. HELP!

  18. Try outside your usual distributors, check for others by logging in clicking locate and then find a distributor. I saw a post about someone getting a lamp from the other day!

    Hope that Helps!
    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  19. Tiffany says:

    I was wondering when I will be able to purchase the UV lamp. I have had the polish since the spring of 2010. My clients are very interested and I am afriad I will lose them to other salons if it is not available for me to purchase soon.

    • CND says:


      Check the site and click on locate distributors to check and see what distributors have lamps available for purchase.

      Thank you

  20. Tanya Curtis says:

    How much should I be charging for this service Im curious what the average price is that other salon and spa’s are charging I have a very high end salon and spa and do not want to under charge but certainly dont want to over charge either please help me

  21. Tanya, there is a suggested pricing guide at just log in and click the Shellac info tile.

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

  22. Tara says:

    I have a client that is allergic to almonds. What other cuticle oil do you reccomend for use with Shellac?

  23. Tara,
    Something that contains a carrier molecule like Jojoba or Squalene.

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

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