Everyone WANTS Shellac


The word is out on the street. Everyone WANTS Shellac the way they want a limited edition Birkin bag. You know, clawing, begging, pleading, howling at the moon, chewing the bark off trees. The women of America are obsessed with this new product, thanks to fantastic initial media and PR, and we like that.

So, availability and access to the service are crucial, especially right now while Shellac buzz is new and superhot. That’s why we want every one of the industry’s top Nail Professionals in our database, so new clients can find you!

The other striking news I can share is, even with all the frenzy for Shellac…there was also total excitement for the core biz too!  L&P is HOT again…there ARE women in the world who have flat, fat, ski-jump (hello…ME!!) and plain ole yucky-looking nails that need shape enhancement!

Nail Pros can now reshape, sculpt and transform ugly nails AND then Shellac them!  Yes…it’s true, and the shine you get is BETTER than buffing or polish.  The only giveaway: 2-3 weeks roll by and out of nowhere will appear a big fat gap between your cuticle and product line.  The ONLY way you know your nails are growing that fast is the out-growth…because there is NO dullness, fading or change IN ANY WAY of the color.

…..Just remember: …buff the L&P enhancement with a 1200 grit…clean it, then go straight to Shellac Color Coat.

With Gels, leave the tack on from Brisa Gloss and straight to Color Coat.

Our VIP room was full of first-time Shellac Virgins…who left happy and thrilled with their discovery. And it’s gonna be a long honeymoon.

AND the classroom was packed with the best and brightest of our CND Nation, all there ready to take it all in, elevate their skills, take care of business, and bump it up!

This experience might just change my mind about Orlando!

Mouseketeers, watch out!  SHELLAC is in the housewe have created a coveted “object of desire” with this new product…the perfect nail is always aspirational, yet now more attainable….AND THE FUTURE’S SO BRIGHT, WE ALL BETTER WEAR SHADES!

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  1. laposh says:

    my salon ordered the shellac system over a month ago and our rep said cnd is not keeping up with the quotas what is going on?

  2. laposh says:

    we ordered the system over a month ago havent recieved yet, wht is the holdup?

  3. Laura Root says:

    OK GREAT! The public is clamoring for Shellac! Me Too! As a Professional Aesthetician, Nail Tech and CIDESCO Diplomate, I LOVE Shellac – but we haven’t been able to GET it here in AZ for more than a month and I need more top coat and base coat and color!!! And I refuse to pay ridiculous prices online from someone who sells to non-professionals ;( HELP!!!! GET US SOME SHELLAC!!!!!!

  4. Robin says:

    Just had my first “shellac” in a red shade! Love the color but am disappointed in the rough, uneven paint job at my cuticles. Also, there is a lot of color on my skin and in the crevices where nail and skin meet on the sides of nail. Fortunately, when I paint my own nails, this doesnt happen…even though my own manicures only last a day or so I’d rather have a nice clean edge to my nail color at the cuticle than look like raggedy, “chipped” polish as soon as they are done. I am not a nail pro but at $37 plus tip, I can clearly do a better job. Sorry, but unless I can find someone in my area (I drove an hour for this service) that can paint an even area at the cuticle, I won’t be getting this again…shame too cause I’ve been looking for a way to keep my polish on for more than a day or two.

  5. Robin says:

    P.S. How do I get it off myself….without driving an hour to have it taken off?

  6. Janice says:

    So glad to hear that this can be done , tho I’m not sure I would want to add to my work! Great to know though. I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to ‘re-Shellac’ overtopping if a client is wanting the same shade. Ideas anyone?

  7. Razor's Edge Barber Shop says:

    It would be nice to have the new UV lamp so we can use ours!!!! We get our stuff from Salon Centric here in Florida and they have NO idea when they will be getting the NEW UV lamps in!! You guy’s should have thought about this when you first launched Shellac!!!

  8. joseph says:

    I love that you have created an “object of desire”, however you are leaving us the nail pros…your clients out to hang. We have no lamps, no base coat, no top coat. Its crap! As far as people finding us on your website…does no good, we have NO PRODUCT!

  9. MARTIE ROARK says:

    Shellac IS DEFINATELY what the nail biz has been waiting for! Thank you for bumping up my natural nail client base in just weeks. Nail polish has an enemy…or an object to desire!! I’ve been patiently waiting for the last of my 12 Shellac Shades to arrive in my hands and on my clients fingernails. I practically won the CND lottery in the nail world since I have all but one of the colors! My clients that have tried the Shellac are thrilled. I have one word (sentence) of caution…if nail tech’s have trouble with leaving a fine line between the cuticle and the polish border, be sure to clean up any of the Shellac Base Coat and Shade before curing. Some people were complaining on another web site of peeling and lifting of the Shellac product, which to me is Nail Tech error. My clients have had great luck with my application and I have had no problems with such issues. Thank you again for such an ingenius breakthrough!!

  10. Betty Powell says:

    I have had alot of waste and problems with Shellac due to poor instructions that were included in my beginners kit. I wasted hours of my time and expensive product because of very little information in the booklet and when I called corporate my message was not returned for a week and when it was the person was rude to my receptionist. I am still working out the problems and very dissapointed.

  11. tina caton says:

    We’ve been offering Shellac at Petite Nails since May, the demand is crazy, referrals coming in everyday and now we’re out of products. I have to turn my clients away starting now if they request for Shellac??? Are you kidding CND, I can’t even begin to tell you how upset I am. Please have more product ship to Richmond, VA. My clients don’t want to go back to regular nail polish….

  12. Melissa says:

    Anyone living in Eastern Nova Scotia area looking for Shellac application? I have most colours and am ready to make your nails beautiful. Great product!!! I could not find anyone doing the service around my area, so I am thrilled to have acquired a kit!!!

  13. Shellac is what the WORLD has been waiting for!! My clients are getting more frequent manicures knowing that their polish will not chip or fade. It stregthens to promote rapid growth, protects and causes ZERO damage!! The person behind this is pure genious! My clients love it, I love it, THANK YOU CREATIVE!!!! Now stop reading this and get in that factory and start PRODUCING!!!! :-)

  14. Jennie says:

    I am not a nail tech – but I just had my first Shellac on Tuesday and I loved it! My nails look great and are still shiny even after doing some planting (without gloves) last night! By now on a regular manicure – my nails would already be peeling paint. I am so glad I saw this on Yahoo a few weeks ago and remembered it. I will be have steady manicures from now own since I know that they will last. Thanks for this product!
    PS – My nail tech did an awesome job. He made sure now paint/color landed on my skin – I think some of the posts above complained about this – but this was not the case with me since he was VERY careful. Thanks!

  15. janice s dulemba says:

    I had no trouble getting my shallac,I have been using it with my Brisa lamp with no problem,I know of someone else who used it with a no name lamp and had good results.when the lamps do make it to the market I will buy one.

  16. Anna Williams says:

    First off I want to say that I love Shellac! It has been a learning process for myself, but so far I have had great results. I have had a hard time getting the base coat and top coat, so I have “improvised”, with great results. If you will notice, CND is selling a Brisa gel with Shellac in their new promo, which is one way of handling the back order problem….

    A few things i have learned so far in the last eight weeks since Shellac has been released…
    1. The cuticle area must be cleaned entirely! I use a cuticle pusher/scraper to clean the cuticle area really good. And I buff the natural nail with a fine buffer to clean up any residue.
    2. I always perform Shellac mani’s with Shellac going on before the scrub/mask/massage. I have not had good luck with doing it last–too much lifting and seperation from the sidewalls and free edge.
    3. I will use two base coats and two top coats on some clients if I know they are really hard on their nails.
    4. I have not had great luck with nail pickers and Shellac. That being said, Shellac is still a great product with it’s instant cure time and durability!

    Thank you CND for making Shellac! Now we just need MORE COLORS please!!! I am mixing shades, but I can’t quite get a blue, green, or purple out of reds and pinks :))) More colors pretty please!!!!

  17. Tammy Brown says:

    Been waiting over a month, when will i get my shellac??? Customers waiting!!!

  18. Cat says:

    Robin, get pure acetone (not nail polish remover) and soak into a cotton ball, place on each nail and wrap with some foil. After 10 minutes it should be flaking off. What remains you can gently scrape with a birchwood (cuticle) stick and little remnants you can remove with more acetone. Hope that helps.
    Betty, cnd’s website offers step by step instructions that far exceed what you got in the box with the initial kit. Following those will stop waste and will help. Also, cnd’s facebook page has links to helpful tips and videos that will help you alot.

  19. gallery says:

    any time frame on the availability????? clients need to reschedule

  20. CND says:

    Salon and client response to Shellac has far exceeded loftiest expectations and extraordinary resource is being dedicated to ramping up production, specifically of Base Coat, Top Coat and Lamps. Record amounts of product are being shipped, but unfortunately it’s not possible to provide a widespread availability date, as Shellac is distributed worldwide and dates will vary based on geographic region.
    We humbly ask for your patience until we can get back into a fully stocked position – in the meantime, product is shipping every day. We recommend that you check regularly with distributors in your area regarding receipt of Shellac shipments. Please note that CND does not condone or endorse the sale of Shellac on eBay. We are taking necessary steps to manage the reselling of Shellac via unauthorized channels, as the quality and authenticity of this product cannot be guaranteed.
    We understand that the lack of availability of Shellac is negatively impacting your business. If you do not have all 3 Shellac products necessary to provide a full service (Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat), we strongly encourage you NOT to improvise by mixing the system with other product lines. Shellac was designed as a system, and if one of the components is missing, you will not achieve satisfactory results for your clients.

  21. sherrie carter says:

    i absolutely love this product i did go and have it done a couple of times but after paying $30 each time i decided that as easy as the product is to use i can do it myself i have a license that i continue to keep up even though i do not do hair anymore so i decided to buy the whole system myself and money well worth spent i get so many compiments wish they had more colors and i know they will but if after a week i get tired of the polish i have on i just change it very easy i don’t care for the wraps to remove the polish so i just buy the acetone and soak off just like the acrylics in ten minutes there is not since in wasting that money when it does the same thing very satified with the product my nails look better then ever before.

  22. Mary Jo says:

    I love Shellac but would love it even MORE if I could get my hands on it. I had to quit Shellac’ing myself as I’m saving it for the customers!

    And, I agree with joseph…no point is listing the salon if we cannot get the product.

    LOVE Shellac but am very disappointed in the lack of product!

  23. Gina-Studio 220 & Day Spa says:

    I love your new product, it is what our natural nail client has been waiting for!!! I have found that it dose help to improve the strenght of the nail. Being a stylist myself it was hard to keep up nail enhacements, but with this it holds up great even with all the shampooing and chemical sevices that I perform.
    I really have had a hard time finding the product though, I am almost out!!!! I just don’t see how a company like CND with all their nail business expertize could put a product out to the public with out enough product to suport the demand. I know in my area they were out of top and base with in just weeks of being released.
    It really looks bad on us, who strive to give our very best to our client not to be able to obtain our supplies and to look to places like ebay and see them listed to anyone!!!!! That shoud be stopped!
    Please put the factories in to 24/7, we know there are people out there, who need the jobs so they can get ther nails done!!!!!!

  24. britt says:

    I do love shellac very much as well as my clients. I have been using it since it first came out near me. I am also disappointed with the lack of the supply. I have been on a waiting list for base coat & top coat for nearly 7 weeks and its really starting to ruin my reputation in town. I dont understand why CND is launching it worldwide without meeting with the supply and demand here in the U.S where it has been a complete success for the past few months. I wish that would have been thought out better. Since the supply and demand is such a grueling process right now and CND knows they will make money I dont see why they couldn’t mail out vouchers or coupons since we have all been waiting for a pretty long time.

  25. Gina-Studio 220 & Day Spa says:

    Put the factories on to 24/7 mode I know people need the jobs so they can get their nails done!!!! CND has been in business to long for this to happen.

  26. Melanie says:

    How do I get my salon info on here so that people know I have this AWESOME product???

  27. Danielle says:

    First off I have to say the idea of Shellac is amazing. My only problem is I’m finding that the colour coats shrink away from the cuticles and edges of the nail. Does anyone have any ideas on what I may be doing wrong? I seem to be getting the base coat over the entire nail but maybe 2 coats of the base will work better? Is anyone else having this problem?

  28. Nannette says:

    I removed my Nail enhancements after 34 years of wearing them. As a Nail Professional I believe I should wear what I am promoting. I had Shellac applied by a fellow Nail Pro. It has stayed on for the full 14 days, I also shortened them without re sealing the free edge, still no chipping I am sold. I stock up on whatever Shellac I can find. LOVE IT!!!!

  29. First off, my clients love Shellac. My first test subjects were the hair stylists at my salon. I wanted to see how the product held up on them. After 3 weeks of doing hair, they are still wearing Shellac. This exceeded my expectations. It’s been a short learning curve, but I’ve found the key is to use the correct amount of product and nail preparation. It’s also key to use the light CND specifies. The other lights may work, but this is a system. The Shellac product should be used with the light that was designed for it. I’m eagerly waiting for the next 12 colors! Thank you CND!

  30. Terry says:

    I’ve had Shellac applied 5 times at two different salons. The first time I had great results. The second time one peeled off. The third time 3 peeled off. The fourth time one peeled off. I’m now in the middle of my fifth time. Each time it was around 9 or 10 days that the peeling started. I’d like some input as to why. Both salons have told me I’m the only one who’s experienced peeling. Are there products I need to stay away from?

  31. Wendy says:

    So far I have most shades and base and top coats.
    My clients and myself love it!! Only problem
    I’m having ,even after nail is smooth and
    completely free of oils, is a few nails may get a little
    ripple in it after it’s been cured. I’ve tried every
    thing… I don’t apply too thick. I do it before
    lotion and parrafin dip. I really have no clue
    why this randomly happens. Anyone have
    any suggestions????

  32. Melissa says:

    Danielle I have had the same problem too! I just got my lamp and have used the Shellac on two clients both used the same color. My first client it went on great! The second client the color shrunk on one hand but not the other. I followed the directions exactly, encasing the free edge. So I too would like to know what I am doing wrong?

  33. Lisa Reiter says:

    LOVE SHELLAC…Best nail product ever! Worth the wait & definately a boost to nail business. I’m worried about getting more now (getting addicted, I call it Shellac-crack) Hurry up CND!

  34. Kristina Estabrooks says:

    Try going thinner. The thicker you go the more it will wrinkle. Especially with the heavily pigmented colors. Hope this helps as I had the same problem when I was testing it.

    Kristina Estabrooks
    CND Education Ambassador

  35. Tara says:

    I have many clients love this product! The problem I am having is I cannot get the product. I have been out of top coat for the last month and every time I call to order they say next week…this is ridiculous, what is going on???
    I have also been experiencing on some client a very dry nail plate. It doesn’t happen to everyone but the people who are having this happen it is pretty bad, to the point I recommend not putting it back on.
    I need more top coat now!! I have actually lost clients to other places who had enough product left, ugh!!!!!

  36. Kristina Estabrooks says:


    I understand you problem with not being able to get your hands on the product. Shellac was such a success that it sold out before we knew it. Check out the availability weekly updates on the CND home page.

    As far as the dry nail plate. I too experience this with someone who has dry nail plates to start with and are not using solar oil 2 times a day. Myself included. Once using solar oil no problems. They can safely wear it.

    More Shellac is coming.

    Kristina Estabrooks
    CND Education Ambassador

  37. Kristina Estabrooks says:


    You are asking how to get your salon on the website for Shellac referral. You can call 1-800-833-NAIL(6245) or email the hotline with your information.

    Kristina Estabrooks
    CND Education Ambassador

  38. Loretta Thompson says:

    I am so upset I just had my nails done on Friday and they have chipped and peeled both. I paid 40.00 plus 20.00 tip and can’t believe they made all the hype about this product. My tech did just what this website said to do so I’m sure it wasnt operator error. Was just wondering if anyone else is having this problem.

  39. Heidi says:

    I ordered my kit at the beginning of May and still don’t have it!!
    I am beyond frustrated and even more so when a client walks in and asks about “that new system you were talking about in (May,June,1st part of July)” and I have to say I still don’t have it. I have quit talking about it and really starting to feel anti-shellac for all the I have gone thru and still not having it. My boss is considering canceling our order and not offering it. Now I see on the website if you buy brisa gels you get a free shellac color and top coat? We are way past ridiculous!

    • CND says:

      @Heidi @Scotti We are truly sorry for your disappointment in availability and understand your frustration. In regards to your comment about the promotion we’d like to give you some insight. Yes CND is promoting a free Shellac Color Coat and Top Coat with the purchase of a 1.5 oz Brisa Gel during July and August. This promo was developed 6 months ago, packaged in March and shipped to the distributor in June – all prior to the Shellac launch and its unprecedented demand. This promo was produced in limited quantities, is expected to sell quickly and in many locations may already be sold out.

      We are taking steps to expedite getting product to you. Here are a few changes that have been made:

      Adjusted production to increase base and top coat manufacturing by 10X the original plan.
      Arranged for air shipment of lamps to our warehouse to shorten delivery time by 6 weeks.
      Streamlined outer packaging to speed turnaround time from 8 weeks to 2 weeks.

      We hope this helps to explain the current situation and some of the things we are doing to get the product out to you as soon as possible. We understand your frustration and want to thank you for your patience.


  40. Scotti says:

    I can’t believe I just got an email with a limited offer of free Shellac color and Top coat with the purchase of Brisa. Are you kidding me!! I have been waiting for a month for topcoat and all I have heard from CND is that they are stepping up production to get out to us and now you can get it with a limited offer for free!! I will be glad to pay for it if you will get to me so I can take care of the business I have and can stop turning clients away. What is up with this?

  41. Dee in Daytona Beach says:

    I love the Shellac thus far. I am glad I purchased enough of the product upfront at the Premier Show. Shame on CND for the lack of production. I am having a problem that maybe someone can advise me on. Some of my clients are having chipping on the free edge. Am I applying the base coat too thin? I cap the free edge on all coats. (I talked to a chemist at the Premier Show and they said not to alter the base or top coat by using more than one coat- I thought maybe use 2 base coats)

  42. Kristina Estabrooks says:

    @Dee in Daytona Beach
    The clients that you are experiencing chipping on are their natural nails peeling? If they are it’s best that you gently buff away any peeling on the natural nail prior to applying Shellac. I have the same problem on my self. As long as I buff.. there’s no chipping. Hope this helps. Let me know.
    Kristina Estabrooks
    CND Education Ambassador.

  43. Julie says:

    I have used the Shellac several times on myself and new clients. Some clients experienced chipping and peeling – but I have not and my hands are in water daily.

    I clean the cuticle area – have them wash thier hands and I dry them more when they return. When I apply the color – it goes on nice but when it is cured it seems to run down towards the cuticle. Any suggestions for that.

    Also, when using the Strawberry Smoothis – I find it to not apply in a nice smooth layer as well as the Tutti Frutti. Very watery.

    I thought I was sold on this product – but I also feel like, their was not enough information or a class from a CND Rep could show us hands on and ask questions.

    Any Help would be great – I have read all the posts and so far nothing really helps…

  44. Kelly Melanitou says:

    About the chipping and peeling – could it be a case like the one described by Kristina in the last post before yours?

    Remember, you need to really shake the bottles before your application, so that your product has the right consistency to apply smoothly.

    Check out the step-by-step on the CND site. Why don’t you contact one of our Education Ambassadors in your area and find out about Shellac Classes? I am sure you will love it!

    Hope this helps.
    Feel free to ask anything you may need, any time!

    Kelly Melanitou
    Team CND

  45. Tracy Caster says:

    I soak all ten fingers in a bowl of hot soapy water, push cuticles and nip loose skin for my natural nail manicures. What will happen if I soak before Shellc application?

    • CND says:

      Dear Tracy,

      Soaking in a bowl of hot soapy water will allow the nail plate to soak up moisture. In the case of dry brittle nails sometimes that can become a problem. As the nail plates soak up the moisture they will start to change shape. When the water starts to evaporate they will gradually go back to the original shape. This can sometimes be a problem especially when doing a polish application. As the nail reverts back to it’s original shape it will put stress on the coating and can cause peeling and cracking. If you choose to soak the nails do so for only about 5 minutes just to aid in cleansing the nail vs. softening the cuticle and use a cuticle product such as Cuticle Remover to help aid in softening the cuticle.

      Hope this helps


    • CND says:


      Thinning Shellac will affect the wearability. Try moving the product away from the front door. Shaking the bottle thoroughly before each use might help too. I hope this helps.


  47. Michelle says:

    It has been over four weeks since I been able to purchase any top coat!! According to Cosmo Prof and CB Sullivan they haven’t received any either. Such a shame. I have clients waiting!!! I have lost clients because I can’t get the top coat. Any body know where I can purchase the top coat?!

    • CND says:


      We are truly sorry for your disappointment in availability and understand your frustration.

      We are taking steps to expedite getting product to you. Here are a few changes that have been made:

      Adjusted production to increase base and top coat manufacturing by 10X the original plan.
      Arranged for air shipment of lamps to our warehouse to shorten delivery time by 6 weeks.
      Streamlined outer packaging to speed turnaround time from 8 weeks to 2 weeks.

      We hope this helps to explain the current situation and some of the things we are doing to get the product out to you as soon as possible. We understand your frustration and want to thank you for your continued patience.


  48. dawnkuehne says:

    love shellac helping my ladies with problem nails but I’m having to fill in the back until new shipment comes WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!!!

  49. dawnkuehne says:

    I also clean the nail with alcohol before using shellac,plus I swipe the free edge with base shellac also to get a good hold ,keeps shellac from peeling, hope this helps someone else:)

  50. @dawnkuehne it is recommended to clease the nail plate with ScrubFresh before application of Shellac. Really scrub like you are trying to remove red polish. Also sealing the edge after every single layer will give the best results!

    Holly L Schippers
    CND Education Ambassador

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