Party Time!

Rosa Kerr Getting Shellaced

The next day, we have a party with the best nail professionals in the country!

The elite arrive nicely dressed and ready to talk nails! More Shellac-ing, brainstorming and tech-talk ensues. See my v-blog to meet some of our fabulous kiwi guests.

Our last night in NZ, we go to THE most delicious restaurant called the Harborside Restaurant and dine on fresh seafood and local Chardonnay.

The moon is full.  Blessings abound!

And next, I’m winging to the land down under:

First a quick reminder in the OZ linguistics:

Don’t say:  ‘Mel-BOURNE”….DO sayMel-BUN”

Don’t say:  ‘DARling HarBOR’…DO say: ‘DAH-ling Ha-BAH”

Don’t say:  ‘Good job!’….DO say: ‘Good on ya!!”

OK mate…I’m ready!!!

Jan in OZ!

One Response to “Party Time!”

  1. Dianne Speirs says:

    *giggles*… now that is cute!!!

    I hope you mastered the art of the ‘Ozzi Ocker’ language, and hope you remembered to say fush n chups and not fee-ish n cheeips!!

    I enjoyed meeting you in NZ Jan, you inspired me to the ‘max’… and ooze professionalism and project such an image that only one can want to follow…

    thank you for bringing SHELLAC to NZ…

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