Jan in KIWILAND! New Zealand

Jan in Kiwiland

I’m off to New Zealand…amazingly; I’ve never been there before!  So many times to Australia, but never New Zealand.  So, I’m excited!  Going to Auckland to launch Shellac.

The country has two islands:  the north island, where I am (lovely, hilly landscape) and the south Island, even more legendary for its beauty.  A little intel on NZ tells me that the top industries here are sheep ranching, crude oil, and tourism.  Like Texas, x 1000!!!

And like Australia, it’s a big, rugged, outdoorsy, active culture—definitely a place with a big personality. People come here to bungee-jump off cliffs, whitewater raft and partake in extreme sport of all types.  I come here for NAILS! Shellac, with its streamlined application, is perfectly suited to the beauty culture here, which is active, modern, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

My host is Aimee Nicolles, the owner of our distributorship, ‘Creative New Zealand’…and she has big things planned!   Aimee is a real kiwi gem…a unique entrepreneur, with energy+, life-experience like no other, and humor that brought me to tears, on a daily basis…correction, an hourly basis.  She has the longest eyelashes that are only weighed down by mascara…and vision, commitment and dedication that is honorable and exemplary.  I already know I will miss her when I leave, so I savor my time with her.

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  1. Emma says:

    Hi Jan, glad you enjoyed your time in New Zealand. It was so amazing meeting you!!! We are looking forward to your next visit!!! Love from Kiwi country! Shellac Roks!

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