Heading to Sydney

…it’s time to leave Auckland…I’m going to miss this place, especially my good friends at Creative New Zealand:   Aimee and team!  TJ and I pack things up and head to the airport…it’s crazy how the luggage seems to have expanded since arriving. Must have something to do with the universe expanding. Note to self: call Stephen Hawking, double-check this theory.

The flight to Sydney is just under 4 hours.  I’m anxious to get a little work done on the plane…I sit down in seat 2B, and the flight attendant advises me that it’s ‘Rex’s’ birthday today (the man in seat 2A), so I’m obliged to share a glass of champagne with him!   After taking off, I find out that Rex is a ‘Flammables Inspector’ in Auckland and just ‘busted’ a budget salon chain for importing counterfeit nail sculpting monomer!  I tell him that I just went on NZ TV to talk about raising salon standards, and offered advice on how a consumer can find a high-quality, safe salon. He further tells me that his wife is speaking at a nurses’ conference in Sydney…and I share that we are Shellac-ing nurses at a conference in San Diego!!  It’s just a crazy, small world, isn’t it?

So, we land in Sydney…check-in to the Westin at Martin Place (love this hotel!!) and dash to meet our distributor hosts from Pacific Nail and Beauty, the beautiful Ellie and Danelle.  Ellie runs PR and Danelle runs sales and education for Pacific Nail and Beauty…they are stunning, capable and detail-oriented (also, both Nail Professionals!).   We check in on ‘The Ivy’, the super hip penthouse suite, where we will be hosting several events to launch Shellac!  This pad is so cool and spacious…the editors will feel right at home!

Plans are in place, so it’s time to go to dinner at ‘Thai Spice’…a very modern Thai-fusion restaurant at the Rocks, on the boardwalk at Sydney Harbor.  We order soft-shell crab with a vinegar spice dip, lamb mole with coconut rice, crispy chicken drizzled with chili oil, followed by the most fabulous green ‘dumplings’ floating in coconut milk… that tasted gooey on the outside, crunchy on the inside and toasty on the finish…not sweet, and very interesting! The lamb is so colonial—after all, Europeans brought domestic hoofstock to this huge island–but the pan-Pacific vibe so Asian. And this sensuous, sophisticated blend is uniquely Australian.  Wash it all down with a great, buttery OZ Chardonnay…and we’re ready for a good night’s sleep!

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