Anzac Day

Angela Ward, Animee Nicolle, Jan, & Sharni Morton

Yep…worked beautifully…had a full 7 hours sleep and feel refreshed upon awakening.

Today is Anzac Daylike our Memorial Day in the US.  I’m very impressed by the youth of this country who all seem engaged and excited to view the parades and honor their brave armed forces on this day.  Everyone waves flags and listens to stories told by their fathers and other elders who fought to defend Istanbul and defeat the Ottoman Empire in World War I. I’m inspired!  So, I walk up to the Auckland Museum to learn more.  Hours later, I’ve taken in a great history lesson about the first people to land in New Zealand 35,000 years ago…the Maori people. I’m hypnotized by the priceless collection of wood carvings and intricate tribal headdresses, weapons and tools, all very ornate and beautifully designed.  Timeless. Did you know that Russell Crowe claims Maori heritage? Who knew?  And of course world-class soprano Kiri Te Kanawa brought Maori pride to the world’s attention.

I wander around the war memorial museum and decide it’s time to head for the hotel …where the prep for the big Shellac launch begins!

International man of mystery, TJ Shafer, the adorable and charismatic CND Business Development manager for the Pacific Rim, arrives from San Diego, as does the fabulously spunky Aimee!   We have a nice meal together and get our plans down for the next few days.

Side note…TJ is too cute for words.  If you don’t know him…you need to.  Sweet, kind, smart and committed.  He is so organized, but easy and fun to be with.  I’m so blessed to have this time to travel and work with young and beautiful people like TJ!

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