Spring 2012

Catherine Malandrino – FNO Royalty

The designer: Catherine is NYC royalty among the cool downtown fashion crowd. No one does texture and draping, intricate styling and detailing like she does!! Plus, she’s gorgeous and elegant beyond imagination. The collection: Catherine hosted a Fashion Week shopping show of her Fall collection on the very day of Fashion’s Night Out …a chance […]

DESIGNER – Joy Cioci

INSPIRATION Girl in motion and travel. In search of love and adventure. Lasers, prints, luxe, classic, feminine, demure. 5 saturated color palettes: Chartreuse, Periwinkle, Red orange, Violet, White/mesh/lace FABRICS Lace, Leather, Chiffon Lucite belts & collars. ACCESSORIES Shoes: Strong, goddess like, feminine, nude opaque toes. MANICURES AND PEDICURES Shape: Oval clear Clear Lucite tips with […]

DESIGNER – Diego Binetti

INSPIRATION Tight, Precise 10th Anniversary Encompassing 10 years of a culmination of 10 years of work and detail. “A liberation of details patterns & colors. “It’s very much about all the Esthetics, that’s what I love.” colors. “ “It’s very much about all the Esthetics, that’s what I love.” Focused on the details, colors, and […]


INSPIRATION Intoxicating atmosphere, lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, visitors (about the happy visitors and what they are going to tell you). Poisonous vs. friendly fun flowers and plants. Romantic element. STYLING Inspired by Tank Girl and Romeo and Juliet. Prints: stripes/pointed lace. Snails, tripped out, trees, vines Street inspired: less opulent than last season. ACCESSORIES Jewelry: […]

DESIGNER – Norman Ambrose

INSPIRATION Diana Vreeland with the long red lacquered nails, exotic mystique, High glamour, 1960’s traveler St. Tropes 60 &70’s Chic, smart, professional, refined, rich, it’s the smart competent directional woman. “The lady that swims in her diamonds” COLORS Black, persimmon, salmon, beige, pink, silver, gold, copper. All metallics, black, gold, silvers, copper, blush, peach, coral. […]

DESIGNER – Wes Gordon

INSPIRATION “Sophisticated, but young sophisticated, a rich fancy lady. She may live in Soho, but she’s still a fancy lady.” “4th Floor Bergdorf‘s next to Valentino and Oscar” COLOR PALETTE Nudes, Whites, Lurex Gold & Silver, Apple Green, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Reds, and muted Periwinkle Blue FABRICS Grosgrain, linen, leather snakeskin white, Chiffon, lurex MANICURES […]