Day 4

Dean Quinn- Sunday at Studio 54

As we begin day four, we take pause to honor those lost ten years ago on 9/11. The city has a peaceful tone about it today. But there are signs of optimism, and off to the shows we go! Big day today with four fabulous shows! The designer: This new, young designer graduated Central St. […]

Joanna Mastroianni – Luminous Lucite

The designer: Known for timeless but trend-relevant pieces made with the vision and hand of a modern day couture designer. The collection: Chic, modern and decorative day to evening dresses with dramatic handmade oversized flowers as dramatic belts, neck pieces and shoe cuffs.

Jen Kao- Lethal Love

The designer: Intricate details, works of art, inspired thinking. Jen Kao is a one-of-a-kind designer that pulls it all together with magical textures and touches that are 100% unique every time! The collection: Other worldly dreams and visitors live harmoniously in the same forest amid the brightest light and deepest shadows! Is it dream? Is […]

Katie Ermilio- Baby Bardot

The designer: As the granddaughter of Grace Kelley’s personal clothier, Katie has an innate sense for fashion. Her work is uniquely feminine and sharply tailored. The collection: A fresh, crisp and cleanly graphic collection of pretty dresses in retro sherbetty tones. Bi-gender tailored elements makes it modern and city ready. The nail trend: “Baby Bardot” […]