Day 5

Twinkle – Gorgeous!

Welcome to the dollhouse!  Twinkle used two coats of ‘Brilliant White’ topped with two coats of ‘Copper Shimmer’ and finished with two coats of ‘Super Matte’ for bright white nails.  Manicures were shaped with short tailored tips for a sweet and clean look.  Gorgeous!

Marc Jacobs – how cool was that?!

The day before the show, our friend and collaborator, Elisa Ferri, long time nail professional for Marc attended the Beauty Test until 1:30 am to determine the final look for the most important show of the week.  Marc Jacobs personally fusses every detail, himself…until it is perfect.  Elisa is there to guide him to the […]

Carolina Herrera – All hail the queen!

This was the best collection from Carolina…in my memory, ever!  Park Avenue in every way, but (dare I say it) it was a bit quirky…Korean fisherman hats, and avant-garde splashes of neon color on one eye and then the coupe de gras:  two swipes of ‘Asian Red with Gold-Flash’ (Scarlet Shimmer) on a perfectly shaped, […]

Monique Lhuillier – romantic, feminine and flawless!

Monique has been a friend and a partner for many years.  We all love her for the elegant dresses, tailored silhouettes and understanding of beauty she embodies.  She is, after all, a beautiful woman, so she understands the role of beauty in the total look.  This collection was inspired by the great (late) fashion photographer, […]