Day 4

Sally LaPointe – dreamy and dramatically beautiful…

The smoke flowed out from under a huge metallic, medieval door as the guards opened the gateway for the parade of futuristic, glamazon-tall, alien-sleek models in liquid, translucent coats, flowing but structured pants and armor-like tops.  The only thing missing was flying monkeys to complete the fantasy.  The show was like a dream (what a […]

Catherine Malandrino – Good karma!

Go figure – the week has been sunny, clear and gorgeous here in NYC…easy to get around, good hair days for sure…then, THE day two important shows plan outdoor presentations…it RAINS!!! The first was Malandrino, where I made it to the Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center and went backstage.  Once again, Catherine Malandrino produced […]

Behnaz Sarafpour- easy, breezy, fresh and pretty!

Easy, breezy, fresh and pretty…this sophisticated sportswear collection by Behnaz Sarafpour showed confidence in simple and beautiful designs.  Unfortunately rained-out from a garden presentation, there was still something really special about the distant calls of birds from outside in the lavish sweeping staircase in the Desmond Tutu Building foyer.