Day 6

Jen Kao – Outrageous and Magically Delicious

Jen Kao, who is originally from LA, envisioned a planet where reinvention is at play.  A haunting and healing spiritual world where empowerment creates positive change.  Acid rainbows streak through every beautifully tailored piece of galactical-warrior-woman-uniforms.  Flashes of psychedelic light embolden the attitude through radiating stones and colorful enamel in both the handcrafted jewelry and […]

Karen Walker – Rebels Unite!

So, let’s get started with MY FAVORITE kindred spirit of fashion…Karen Walker.  She’s the cool girl from New Zealand who has a dissident side, inspired by outsiders and sub-cultures.  Her Comme des Garcon-based perspective honors the masculine side of a girl who, by day, works 9-5 and by night craws the clubs and dances ’til […]

2 Days Left – New York Fashion Week

…..2 more days left of New York Fashion Week! The time goes fast…in slow motion. The creation of art moves you emotionally. The art form of nails taken to a new height is history making. ….ran into Maggie Mulhern of Modern Salon Magazine this morning, outside of the Jen Kao show.  I believe Maggie captured […]