Day 7

Victor dE SOUZA – extra-terrestrial look!

Lastly, we rushed off to Victor dE SOUZA – Victor is known for doing very out-there makeup AND nails. This season, we created larger than life nails that started at the first digit of the finger and were washed with Copper Shimmer for a space-age alien look. Makeup was albino white (no eyebrows!) and models […]

Milly – ’60s French school girl

This season, Milly was all about embodying the spirit of a ‘60s French (Paris, to be exact) school girl – with micro-minis, bold, bright hued tights, and cute, cropped peacoats. Nails were shaped short and tailored, and painted with deep red Dark Ruby for a youthful manicure. Make up was dewy and natural, and hair […]

3.1 Phillip Lim – seventies style simplicity

At 3.1 Phillip Lim, it was all about seventies style simplicity! We created an uptown Debbie Harry manicure using exaggerated pink Creamy Cameo; with Gold Chrome French pedicure tips on toes for a new spin on a classic look! Make up was smoky and sexy on eyes, with a subtle pink hue on lips.

Douglas Hannant – ‘Avatar’ hair!

Last day of shows for us at Fashion Week! The week flew by at the speed of light… At Douglas Hannant, clothes were futuristic, chic and urban. The hair was pinned up in messy curls on the top of the head, with bright neon streaked strands cascading down the nape of the neck. Once again, […]