Day 4

Herve Leger – perfectly elegant

Herve Leger, the designer known for the bandage dress made famous by Elizabeth Hurley and Hollywood bodies perfected by hours of pilates, knows the women they dress. Toned, healthy, thin and born in heels…towering higher and higher with every season! This woman wakes up perfect…minimal make-up required, a smear of bright red lips and a […]

Diego Binetti – nails for royalty!

How much do we love Diego Binetti??? He’s a lovely, thoughtful artist, who practices his art with care and honor. Each beautifully handcrafted piece was made for royalty and fussed to the detail. The models effortlessly floated down the runway. Each elegant piece was finely beaded and embroidered, each accessory hand-crafted and priceless. The nails […]

Behnaz Sarafphor – menswear inspired collection

On to Behnaz Sarafphor, who also had a presentation-style show, where models were dressed for a mock photo shoot in a Manhattan studio. The show was intimate and styled for a big city close-up!!

Catherine Malandrino – exotic extravagance!

To have Catherine Malandrino first up in your day is a gift. Her vision, exotic extravagance and raw modern edge is exhilarating! The story was ‘Mongolian Nomad,’ and the pieces included weather-worn slashed-leathers, fox-fringe, chunky wool bouclé and metallic lace in mineral shades of indigo and rust, plus rich hues of eggplant, olive and bark. […]